Mri looking for lesion on optic nerve

Hi all, I failed to take the kind and supportive advice that a few of you gave me some months back (to go and see my go again), but I have attended two more ophthalmology appointments and have been referred for an MRI. Through the haze of eye drops could see that the ‘medical question to be answered’ on the forms was if there is a lesion on my optic nerve/s. Do any of you know if they will only look for lesions on the optic nerve, or if they will look for lesions anywhere that could affect my vision? Am i right in thinking that lesions elsewhere could impact on my vision? This is the point I am partially regretting not being more assertive about my concerns! From reading over the many posts on hear I can see that, contrary to guidance about the benefits of receiving treatment for m.s as early as possible, doctors are not likely to carry out investigation’s until symptoms are far advanced. If they don’t find anything in this mri I don’t feel I can request further investigation’s for cognitive symptoms unless my function is more noticeably impaired… although the only point to any tests is to minimise functional impairment!! And now i wish I’d joined bupa before this test was ordered. ffs Thanks for reading :0)

hi shortbread they will check for anything that could affect your optic nerve they did with me


Bupa would have been unlikely to accept you with any existing symptoms anyway. So unless you had neglected it to the point of NEVER seeing a GP or opthalmologist about any of it, it probably would have been too late to sign up, even before the scan was ordered. Once it’s on your medical records that you’ve seen a doctor about unexplained symptoms, it’s unlikely they would cover anything relating to those symptoms, as it would count as a “pre-existing condition”. Same way it’s too late to take fire insurance once you’re smelling smoke. So don’t beat yourself up about that - you missed the Bupa boat when you first went to the doctor and reported anything - which I assume is some time ago now.

As far as the scan goes, I’ve never actually heard of a scan that was of just the optic nerve - but having said that, all mine have been ordered by a neurologist not an opthalmologist, so I don’t know if the latter can be more specific if they want to. But I’m assuming that if you’ve got to go in the scanner anyway, they’ll just do your whole brain and done with it. I have not heard of less than the whole brain being scanned, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s impossible.



You can have a dedicated Orbit MRI (the orbit being the area occupied by the eyeball and optic nerve). It may amount to a changed imaging technique to make structure in that area easier to resolve, rather than actually focussing down the image to that area,. In which case other areas of the brain would still be scanned but perhaps not optimally. I was supposed to have one but ended up with a more conventional brain mri with something called fat suppression, much to the annoyance of the consultant as he said that technique wasn’t clear enough to discern some optic lesions.

My ophthalmologist can’t spell it LOL, said I had uveitis caused by a auto immune condition, he ran bloods X-rays etc to rule out other conditions, I have been on steroid eye drops for over a year, anyway he said that I have inflammation at back of my eyes which eye drops have reduced it.

neurologist said that the inflammation is because of Ms I was diagnosed September I have been on pred forte drops and I do have problems with my vision floaters across my field of vision and blurred vision sometimes, I had a mri in May which showed inflammation which neurologist put typical brain lesions.

not sure if this will help but eye specialist won’t discharge me until my vision is better so far it’s not improved in a year I don’t need glasses, eyes was first symptom I had, i wS diagnosed with Primary progressive type so it’s not a relapse.

hope this helps in some way x

Thank you all, your comments were much appreciated and very helpful. I have had confirmation of the mri now, it says ‘head’ and ‘orbits’. It’s next week, i’m glad of the quick turnaround. My next ophthalmology app is 15 days after the mri so i guess will get feedback then. Alysea the first ophthalmologist I saw was unbelievable. He said he couldn’t explain my symptoms, sometimes they can’t, and he would make something up if I wanted (bear in mind I hadn’t said a single word at that point). I was surprised to receive a follow up appointment. The next chap who has seen me twice wasmuch more pprofessional, he said he thought we wouldn’t see anything on the mri and he thought we would probably have to conclude that I’may having “permanent migraines”. I didn’t ask more at this point, but I am hoping they will not discharge me with that as a diagnosis… because… what does that even mean?! I’m scared it’s going to keep getting worse. Thank you again for your messages

That is good news. If there’s anything going on with your optic nerves or further back in the brain that is affecting your vision, you’ve got it covered, that’s for sure.


When I first saw a ophthalmologist they checked me and looked confused so I was referred for a 2nd opinion And been under this same specialist for over a year, I go back in 3 weeks I just want to be discharged as it can’t be fixed LOL.

Good Luck Xx

This thread caught my eye (sorry for the pun) as I’m waiting for a Visual Evoked Potentials test. Potted history - first neuro said FND but treat with CFS/ME therapy (which I’m finally doing and is indeed helpful). After that, I started getting involuntary movements and pain behind one eye, along with a change in vision, as if someone had turned the brightness and red tones down.

My optician noted that my usually perfect eyesight was now slightly longsighted but the odd thing about the symptoms is that they migrated between my left and right, though it seems to have settled on the right now. It started in August and I’m still waiting. The 2nd neuro is sending me to Addenbrookes but didn’t want to put any names to my symptoms, not even FND or CFS. He said that the MRI was completely clear but it wasn’t great for seeing the (deep) optic nerves clearly.

This is interesting. If it’s not great for seeing the deep optic nerves then that’s a bit disappointin. Perhaps they will offer me a VEP if nothing shows on the mri. I will be shocked if they actually find anything. I am amazed by many people’s experiences of seeking investigations for their symptoms. I know most people think I’m a hypochondriac and to be quite honest, that’s my ideal outcome! Reikiblossom: that’s really good news that therapy has helped manage some of your symptoms. I have noticed that when i look at lots of parallel lines, like a CD rack, they appear to be vibrating or rippling, but one of my friends says she experiences that and it’s normal. Well i didn’t use to have this ‘normal’ visual experience! Perhaps all these symptoms are actually me becoming MORE normal. Huh.

My eyes become very sore and water/stream if I’m in a bright room I’ve stayed in semi dark rooms for along time now 17 months, diagnosed with PPMS in September 2014, but told eye specialist I call them this instead of ophthalmologist easier to spell, so to,d them I have Ms they still won’t discharge me.

the neurologist said the inflammation is due to Ms so maybe I will mention it to eye specialist this month, good luck all and happy new year.

Thanks, I had the MRI yesterday. I must call and ask if I can have a copy. I am trying to suspend my thoughts about it. Follow up appointment in 2 weeks. I must try and forget about it until then! Thank you all x

Question :slight_smile:

I have had vision problems in my right eye on and off now for three years and the eye doctors cant find anything wrong, even now with new lenses, the vision in my right eye is still blurry? Did anyones eye problems get missed at the eye doctor?

Thanks :slight_smile: