MRI for ON?

I have been having trouble with my eye, blurred vision, stabbing pain occasionally and a black spot in the centre of my vision. I finally admitted I should have it checked so I rang the optician yesterday. I explained and was told I could have an appointment for tomorrow. When I mentioned I had an MRI next week she told me I should hang on as the MRI will show if it’s ON or not.

Is this true, it would make life easier if I didn’t have to hike into town!

It might, but it depends on the slice positioning. The optic nerve isn't terribly thick, so it's easy to miss.

To be sure of getting a proper look at the optic nerve, it's best to have a proper orbital MRI scan (i.e. scan of the orbits, the eye sockets). If you aren't having one of them (and you won't be unless your neuro specifically mentioned it, which is unusual), then I'd recommend seeing the optician or, ideally, an ophthalmologist.

Karen x


Thanks Karen, I’m just having brain only MRI so it won’t spot anything then.
Will head off to specsavers tomorrow then.

Thanks again

hey Hun…yes would def head to the options…I hada brain MRI during ON and they didn’t specifically request the eyes…but the radiologyst on the report said it would bea good idea…after three checks on my MRI eye neuros did spot some inflamation on left optic nerve…which was missed. by the radiologyst dr… my optitions can takes picture of the backof they eye which will show part of the optic nerve but not the aspect behind the eye…there are 4 diff types of On two of which can be associated with MS so it needs defining if you have it which type…as Karen says its not very thick so ideally they need to do the orbits…re MRI…your optition can check your pupil reactin to light and if that’s not normal then a a neuro ophthalmologist will need to see you to determine why this is…but ideally your pupils need to be dilated to see what’s going on…hope you get seen soon…

Thanks Scoobie. I went today and the optician checked my eyes really thoroughly and said she wasn't sure if she could see something there or not so I am going back on saturday for the dilating drop things.

I'm a bit worried now though cos she didn't say straight out that there wasn't anything.