28 yo waiting for neuro appointment

Hi eveyrone,
I found this forum while looking up neurologist appointment waiting times and thought it was actually a good idea to post and ask for advice.
I have been suffering from vision changes for the past 4 weeks as well as extreme fatigue, and pins and needles during the night in my hands (boths).
I first went to the ophtalmologist as I thought it could be eye strain or something similar, but got the all clear from them confirming it wasn’t physicial but probably visual processing. My vision issues are the feeling that contrasts are just way more intense (I can’t really look at a computer or phone for too long as the black text on white background feels like it’s glistening, “popping” to my brain), I can’t look at patterns, anything that is busy and with repetitive shapes like a blind, a radiator, a spreadsheet etc… and some colours are more vivid than usual.
I’m only 28 and am crazy worried that something is very wrong with me (like I had a stroke without realising) or I might have MS (my sister has it).
I’ve been to my GP today who did some checks, blood works and has referred my directly to a Neuro specialist. Usually I have to really push my GP for anything to happen so for them to refer me straight away it got me worried. I’m going private (thanks to my work insurance) so hopefully should “only” have to wait a month or so.

I know you guys don’t have answers but I feel like I had to post and see if anyone had had similar symptoms?

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Hi. Fist time posting, I feel like this was me 2 months ago. Right eye blurred and optician couldn’t see any issue.
Seen at eye hospital as worried. They ordered brain scan which was done beginning June.
Then used private insurance to see a neurologist who looked at scan and thought okay however ordered another MRI of brain and spine.
NHS doc then called to say concerned about brain scan and referred to NHS neurologist.
Full brain and spine MRI has shown multiple lesions 2 in brain and 5 on spine. Now waiting on further tests bloods, chest X-ray and VEP.
I guess I’d just keep pushing for tests and wait to see what comes back. If your not right then trust your instincts. Finger crossed for you.