I have an ant crawling across my nose

and there is nothing I can do about it.

I just thought I would share this with you and just by doing that, get you all itching too. Why suffer alone when you can make everyone else suffer too.

Go on - admit it - where are you now scratching after reading this post? Hee hee

Yours (very cheekily) Angela. xx

PS. Please dont hate me.

giggle You know, I’ve had that same feeling! Right on the end of my nose! Right now, I’ve a wiggly creature in my right thigh, oh…joined by a friend …um…behind. There’s tiny ants on my neck and on the back of my head. Maybe it’s the shrill insect chorus I can hear…or maybe it’s just tinnitus. Yup. Thanks for that, Angela…

Yeah thanks mine are up my legs Axx

Arwen: travelling in which direction? 0-o

Travelling up to where your freind is lurking Reiki???

Ants in yer pants, anyone?! (You don’t have to answer that one…)

Just glad mine is on my nose. How embarrasing would it be to be scratching down there…

Ha ha mine are travelling every where except my pants it seems. Iron knickers you see A xx

Ha ha!! Mine crawl all over…and I mean ALL over!

very funny, I have a jungle crawling up my left arm and ants in my pants xx

Mine are all crawling up my legs, arms and across my face. Thankfully not in my pants!! Another word to get everyone scratching even more…headlice!! (and no I haven’t got them!!)

Sharon x

Eeeuurrrgghhh…disgusting little creatures

I don’t have them, but sometimes feel as if I do as my head gets really crawly and itchy. Yuk!

My mum is a serious migraine sufferer and also has mental health issues. I remember even from my childhood that she often complained of feeling insects crawling in her hair and was convinced something was crawling there because my brother and I had to check but never could find anything. I now think that she was experiencing these neurological sensations (parasth…er…help me out with that word, someone please). She’s not had that for a while but is now on hefty medication. I daredn’t scratch my head in front of her still though for fear of being searched for the dreaded ‘bugs’. On a tangent, I wonder if any mental health issues are genetically related to MS?

so wishing I’d never read this post…itching all over now. Thanks for that!

Ooh, Sharon, you are wonderfully evil with that one. I read your post to my hubby and he started scratching. And hasn’t even got any hair. Lol Sorry Blossom. (hee hee) If it is any consolation, my ant is still bothering me. :smiley:

…mine too, Gel!!

Does anyone else’s skin burn when they scratch where these invisible little critturs are crawling??!

Have had them all over for about 24 hours now, and it’s not funny any more!! Just when I’m about to drop off to sleep, off they go again, crawling all over my face, head, back, arms, tummy and legs.

Now I bet you’re all itching all over!

Share and share alike, that’s what I say!!

What is it with you people…keep your crawling little critters to yourself…I cant get anything done for scratting. Revenge is sweet though…must put my thinking cap on

Sorry, it was just too good to miss!! I’m still scratching along with you though


Bring it on Blossom. We need to get Sharon back!!! (Yes, I am aware I started it. Lol.) FTR my ant has gone. Yay

Any relief yet Purple?