Itching for no reason...

I’m sure this has been discussed before on here, so apologies, but I have hardly had any sleep and my brain is not up to searching for info at the moment…

Does anyone suffer from random itching? I have been suffering from mild random itching for no apparent reason for quite a while now, but last night just took the biscuit…I felt as if there was an army of ants marching all over my body almost all night. I was constantly itching, but it just wouldn’t stop. It was all over my body…one minute it would be a foot, then my had, then my back, then my arm, then my shin, then my stomach, the my face etc etc.

Also, when I itch it makes my skin burn for ages.

I hardly had any sleep last night because of it. I have no rashes or spots or anything, so can only assume it is a neurological thing.

Does anyone have anything similar?

…sorry, that should have said when I scratch I burn for ages!

Yep, I’m afraid so. It’s not all the time and it’s usually when I’m tired. Annoying isn’t it? ( by the way , we don’t have fleas, or anything else lol ). :wink:

I have had a very annoying itch inside my right ear for the last couple of week although there seems to be no visible cause for it. Other than that I only get itches on my shoulder blade area, right where I can’t quite reach them so I bought an extending backscratcher device from Kleeneeze years ago, which I keep handy at all times!

Tnga - I get it in my ears and nostrils too, but it’s an actual ‘skin’ itch rather than an allergy itch if that makes sense.

Beverley - I know we haven’t but it sure feels like it at times! I had a distinct urge to strip the bed in the middle of last night…don’t think hubby would have been very impressed though!!!

My very first symptom was itching on the inside of my arms which then turned into a tingling sensation as the day progressed. My neuro initally thought this was a dermatology issue and was going to refer me to dermatology. I still get it over a year later.

Hi, Purpledot - mine is a "skin itch " too. Drives me nuts when it flares up!

Yep Purpledot, I had my cats at the vets checking to see if they had anything…they haven’t ( though they have up to date health records etc…I’m a bit OCD with their health :s) but it does feel like a crawly ,itchy feeling. My sympathies. I may do what Tinga did and get a backscratcher :slight_smile: x

Hi there, have just registered - I’m one of the lucky ones - MS hasn’t really screwed up life too much for me and for that am deeply grateful. Diagnosed over 14 years ago - a few episodes in the interim, some worse than others. Have just come back from Copenhagen (business trip) - really hot - 31 degrees - and this made my legs really swell up - have spent last 24 hours peeing every hour. Put on (and peed out) 2kg over 3 days. Also made my thinking pretty sluggish - to the extent that talking was a big effort! Anyone else out there suffering in the heat? Feels churlish to complain but I think I prefer cooler days!


Hi, yes I too suffer from itching. Head to toe, I scratch myself to bits when it happens. Thank god it only strikes a couple of times a year. Ann

Hi, yes I too suffer from itching. Head to toe, I scratch myself to bits when it happens. Thank god it only strikes a couple of times a year. Ann

Yes, and I try really hard not to scratch, as once I start it gets worse. Apparently antihistamines (i.e. Piriton) can help…

JayneRamage… I was the same when I flew to Mallorca the other week! I swelled up, couldn’t wee as bladder was playing up, hardly went all week. Got home, swelling down and several extended toilet trips.( only number 1’s). My ankles were the worst I think, although now they’re a lot better, they will swell in heat. Hope you’re alright now xx