Strange things

Hello again
First thanks to everyone who posts or replies it makes me feel normal again. Secondly I’ve started getting an unbearable itchy scalp usually at night time. I’ve checked and had my husband check for creepy crawlies on numerous occasions but found nothing. Could it be another symptom? Or do I just have a scalp problem!!! Sorry if this is a ridiculous post but it’s very frustrating!
Thanks Susan x

Horrible, isn’t it? :frowning:

If your scalp is normal (i.e. no red bits or creepy crawlies) then, yes, it’s very likely a new symptom :frowning:

A neuropathic painkiller should help (e.g. pregabalin, gabapentin, amitriptyline, etc) - talk to your GP about getting on one, or adjusting the dose of the one you’re on, if you are.

Karen x

Hi Susan

Yes, I’ve had this too - doesn’t it drive you mad!

I’ve had this unbearable itchiness in my scalp, the palms of my hands, and the soles of my feet. As Karen suggests, I take Pregabalin and it does calm it down.

I do hope you can get some relief soon. Take care.

Bren x

Funny thing itching I have bouts of it there is always a place on my body that i seen to itch! it can start on my little finger and i itch it for weeks until its raw sometimes can’t stop. Then when i finely give it up it appears on my elbow my back parts of my head toe and just drives me crazy but there is always somewhere. didn’t no that it could be a symptom just thought it was me or maybe due to me

Tracy x

Hi Susan,
Yes I also have the awful itchy scalp which is definitely worse evening/night. Used to think it was eczema and have used all the Neutrogena shampoos and anti-dandruff etc. But nothing seems to work and it appears that it is yet another neurological symptom.


Thanks for the replies! Pleased I am not going mad! Karen I haven’t been given any medication for anything apart from the iv steroids that I had, The GP said to take cocodomol and ibuprofen for my chest pain. Also on my sick note it has Transverse Myelitis is this because I’m not diagnosed yet!
Take care
Susan x

Transverse Myelitis actually is a diagnosis. It means you have a lesion on your spine that goes right across the cord and is longer than 1 or 2 vertebrae (some people say 1, some say 2). Quite a lot of people with TM go on to develop MS, but some don’t. It’s a recognised condition on its own though.

Cocodamol and ibuprofen won’t do a whole lot for chest pain that is caused by the hug (try taking them at the same time though - mixing them is stronger than taking them separately and it’s safe as they contain different active ingredients). You don’t have to have MS to get the hug - a spinal lesion is the cause and you have that. If mixing the painkillers doesn’t work and if I were you, I’d print off a load of stuff about TM and the hug and go see if I could “motivate” (i.e. nag, beg, argue,…) your GP into giving you something that might actually help!

Karen x

Hi, Karen you are the oracle of all things. I will go back to GP! I am now confused as the Neuro didn’t explain any of this to me but he did say that there are spots on my brain too as well as my spine could this be why he thinks it’s MS?
I don’t see him again until November so I can’t ask him!
Confused Susan x

Well, I don’t know about “oracle”! I’ve just been around a while :smiley:

If you have TM and lesions in your brain, then MS is definitely the natural conclusion.

If you get no joy from the GP, then you could try phoning the neuro’s secretary, explaining that you aren’t seeing him till November but that your GP is refusing to prescribe anything for your “hug” and for your itching without a neuro’s guidance. You’re really struggling; please can he help?

Some secretaries are really helpful, so it’s definitely worth a try!


Dear Susan,
I am new to this site and I also have itchy scalp sometimes! I am used to it now and just scratch away without a fuss! This condition is ridiculous isnt it… and horrible…and frightening.I am also called Sue! Hi!