itchy pins and needles

Hi all, had a bit of trouble loggin in, but here now!! hope all is well . I was wondering as i have not had a diagnosis yet, i have had pins and needles before on and off for short periods, but this last week i am constantly having them all over, mainly legs and arms and worse if i have had a bath or shower. it also is causing me to itch all the time and driving me crazy!!! can anyone help or is there anything i can do or take to make it stop :o

There are meds that can help with this type of thing (e.g. amitriptyline, pregabalin, gabapentin) so it would be a good idea to go see your GP and see if he/she can prescribe something. It would also be a good idea to see them because any new symptoms lasting more than 24 hours constitutes a relapse, so it’s important info for your diagnosis. Of course, it could also be due to something completely different, e.g. itching can be a reaction to meds, so seeing your GP would check that out too. I sometimes get a crazily itchy nose - drives me mad! So you have my deepest sympathies!!! Karen x

Thanks Karen for your advice and support. Went to Dr today and he was great as usual and asked if i would take a stronger antihistamin, and let him know if it works, wants to see if its my nerves or not!!! so a waiting game, took tablet an hour ago and still pins and needles, give it 24 hrs and see. I am getting it on my nose too,lol so annoying. Yhanks again and take care Moggie :slight_smile:

Any luck with the anti-histamine? Kx

No , apart from making me totally out of it, the pins and needles still there and itching , not as intense, but i think thats because im wiped!!! I sent a email to my neurologist Sunday and got a reply today, the same as my gp, try antihistamin if not working there is a drug calledgabapentin? to get a prescription from gp. i find it hard as she has been telling me for the last 2 years that my condition is functional and then she suggests a neuro drug!!? Thanks again and will keep you updated Hope you are doing ok Morag

Hi Morag I have them all the time however I now take amitriptyline before I go to bed to give me some relief at night (as well as restless legs) top tip though is only have cool baths. You sound very much like me that if you have a bath they come with vengeance! So I now only take cool baths. They can be a nightmare, I get them very bad in my hands and have spent hours itching the impossible itch!! I also have scar’s on my arms where I have itched so much, due to my numb arm’s, I don’t realise but I have taken the top layer off! Gabapentin may work for you so if your GP is willing give it a go. Best of luck and hope you get your DX soon. Strudders

HiI have pins and needles in my feet constantly and on and off in arms and legs. The ITCH I know what you are talking about it drives me nuts. I have even bitten my nails as I was so badly marked with itching especially my scalp so you have my sympathies. Jan

poor you, it is so awful at times and drives you mad. my scalp gets bad too, didnt think about that as a symptom. hope u are doing ok mo x