Aaagggghhhh - pins and needles/crawling help?

Hi all,

I am not quite diagnosed yet as the results of evoked potentials weren't back but I have probably got rrms. Anyway whatever I have got, I am going insane tonight and wondered if anyone knows of a quick fix? I have pins and needles on and off here and there as I am sure most of you do. I take gabapantin which helps with the nerve pain. Tonight however, I have a crawling feeling/pins and needles type thing that is from the top of my head, down my neck and shoulder, right arm and hand, my waist, thight, calf and outside of foot. I have NO idea what to do and it is driving me to distraction. It doesn't hurt, just feels absolutely gross and I am finding it sooo hard to cope with. I know it is minor and I know that all of you go through much more so feel rather a wuss! I just thought maybe you experienced people can think of a quick fix to get rid of this before I tear my hair out confused

Thanks all and sorry to be a moaning minnie on my first post here!

Be well and happy all


Hello and welcome Jacqui,

I must admit I can't really help you although I do get the pins and needles effect I only seem to get it in my toes and fingers and all I do is go ouch, ouch, ouch go away, Now I know that won't help you but I'm equally sure someone on here will be able to give you some useful tips.

I wish you well.



hi there

i am quite like you that i am only on gabapentin at the moment, was diagnosed 3 years ago but i do get the crawling sensation in my feet. at present i have a urine infection and boy it is constant i prob wont sleep well tonight either.

i find that sometimes a hot water bottle on them can help, depends on what "mood" my legs are in it might have to be an icepack instead.  or you could try a massage of the area or if its your legs stretching them for about 5 mins will help too. 

my doctor had also told me if the tingling gets worse to up the gabapentin but as i dont know how much you are taking i would not advise it. 

hope you get some relief its a nightmare isnt it .


Thanks ever so much for both of your replies! it really helps to know someone is around as i don't talk about this stuff at home. The problem with this is that it is lierally all up one side from head to toe....something i have never experienced before. The neuro increased the gabapantin last week to 200mg 3 times a day and 300 at bedtime but that is only since last Wednesday.

I hope you both gett some sleep soon and any annoying stuff gives you a break. my three year old has decided he isnt sleeping too so looks like a long night ahead!

take care and thanks once again, pretty lonely stuff this

j x




I have this, I know what a horrible feeling it is. I changed to amitriptyline over gabapentin last year and it helps so much. I still have pins and needles and crawling but it is very mild and a lot of the time I don't notice it. If I reduce my dose it gets much worse.

Try sex - even if it doesn't work, it's free.

Hehe thanks Marcus and squerrelia for that advice! Sex is slightly problematic with a three year old dangling round my neck but I will certainly bear it in fact maybe telling my partner it is merely therapeautic may encourage him a little happy2

It is loads better today and only crawling and annoying me in the usual places rather than all down one side so maybe I just did too much yesterday and I hadn't slept at all the night before. So glad yours is much better now Amylou and again, thanks for being there as I don't talk to anyone at all about this just yet.