Pins & needles & numbness hell

Hi everyone, I have RRMS and started with a new relapse 5 weeks ago. I am really struggling with the extremely uncomfortable pins & needles in my hand. It is really getting me down, it is painful to use my hand and everything it rubs against is like burning needles so it keeps me awake at night. I’m taking 1200mg gabapentin 3 times per day but no change. I also have terrible itching in neck/shoulder/chest/ear & back on one side which I’m managing with biofreeze. I don’t know how to cope with it. Has anyone got any advice/coping mechanisms? I got another MRI last week with dye and due to see consultant at end of January. I’m going to ask to start ocrevus but is there anything that can help my symptoms? I don’t want to try amytriptaline again as it causes rapid weight gain. Vain i know but it would cause me more stress. Thanks in advance x

Hi, saw u hadn’t got response yet, don’t really have an answer but u should to speak to ms nurse and/or GP for anything else they can do to relieve symptoms, u don’t have to wait to see consultant. Hope there’s something they can do and it calms down. Froo x

Hi mind over matter. If you dont mind it wont matter lol.

the more you think about an itch the more it itches. so you have to take your mind and give it something else to do. Like play a silly game on a phone or internet, or write a blog, or do something. I have pins and needles, burning legs, tingling, tinnutis, so much stuff so i tune it out.

i chat to friends on facebook, join groups, write my blog upload my videos, my brain is constantly active and i avoid thinking about the irritant that is Paresthesia it is common in MS sadly.

I have had all of it itchy head, invisible bites, burning mouth syndrome, crawlies, the lot.

I dont take anything. I find its better to keep as cool as possible, the more i stress the worse it gets. I started my hobby taking a wildlife camera putting it out and then uploading and putting videos on you tube. it really helps to do something.

I feel for you but you have to find a way to get your brain to deal with something else.

One of my videos. 2 hogs right outside my flat door lol. what a mess. xxxx

I also have have all the numbness and itching. At one point my hands were so bad I couldn’t straighten my fingers. The itching it worst on the back of my left hand and has kept me awake. Like crazychick I don’t take anything for it but it does drive me mad.

oh gosh deb i get that the itch on the finger is worse for me drives me nuts. then it just disappears. i have scratched myself raw. xxx

Hi Crazy Chick. The rash on my hand keeps peeling then it will go away for a bit but it always comes back. I have got a rash on my elbows now. Like you I have scratched the rash until it bleeds.