Driving me insane!

I have an area on the right side of my face and neck which has had pins and needles for about 4 days now, I can cope with that (well there are worst parts to the MS) what I can’t cope with is the feeling that I need to scratch it all the time because it feels so itchy, but when I do scratch it, it doesn’t help. Tried a cold pack on it last night which did help a little but not enough. I will have a red raw neck if it carries on much longer. Thanks Ruth

I’ve got a tiny patch, between the bottom of the finger nail and first knuckle on my little finger that has an intense itch (I want to describe it as high pitched if that makes any sense?!). It’s driving me crazy!

I think it’s called ‘neuropathic itch’ and I get it too around my right eye and also behind my left elbow, and as you say it’s quite unbearable. I finds hat putting a cold pack from the freezer on can help to numb the area and relieve the itch. Also I take Lyrica and Amitriptaline for neuropathic pain. But if it’s a new symptom perhaps you should let your MS nurse know. Gosh, sure is a cruel disease we have. Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks all, will be having a chat with my MS nurse about different meds. My mother in law kept saying to me today “why don’t you just put some cream on it, have you tried …?” Not too sure she really understands!!


The whole right side of my face has that mild pins and needles sensation all of the time, and have had for 2 years lol, I’m used to it now, I dont use meds (I’ve still not been formally dx’s yet). I found that it doesn’t matter how much you scratch you will never scratch deep enough to get that itch, so dont Iol it ends in lots of scars trust me :wink:

Try cream because i found that the massage is the thing that soothes it, not the creams its self.

Jo xxx