intense itch, sharp pains all over

Hi Everyone,


Wondered if anyone else has been to see gp and been prescribed antihistamines for possible allergic reaction then thought it could be ms related?


My itch started a week ago after flare up of old symptoms.  Neuro thought old lesion playing up.  Then intense itch began on my chest, now its gone around to my back, all at the level of the main symptom the week before.  Ive also been prescribed steroid cream which seems to cool the area however now Im getting sharp pins and needles all over the place and my finger joints seem to be painful.  Not all joints just some?


Am I odd or has anyone else had these symptoms?





Have you had you vitamin B12 levels tested? Just wondered if that might be part of the problem? I'd ike to hear your responses though as my Dad is suffering from this at present.

Hope someone can help you, sorry I'm no help.

Take care.



I get a itchy head and at times seem to be scratching arms, but the worst itch I get is on my back and it's in a place that I just can't drives me mad. I also get very sharp pins and needles in my toes and fingers. If you're odd then so am I.

Take care.




I don't get the itch but I have had some odd pains in some of my fingers,especially ring finger. It's not at the finger joint but at the base where finger joins hand. Quite wierd but very painful and it comes and goes so not constant.

Oh the joys of MS !! (not)


Thank you all.  Im due to see osteo consultant at the end of this month, and neuro in July.  Ill ask for my vit.b12 levels as Ive a feeling I might be short.  Im taking extra vit.d3 because I was on the low end of the scale for that.


Ive a feeling this itch might be sensory related, however gp thinks differently.  Ill keep you all posted when I know.


Take care and try not to itch!  Its a nightmare and makes us very irritable - honestly I dont have fleas!!!




I get what I can only describe as a creepy crawly itching sensation, I've been told it's neurological.

Yes Tabatha, I know what you mean, Im still trying to figure out if Ive got an itch or creepy crawly itching like you.  The sharp stabbing pains though take me by surprise.  I used to get them when first diagnosed and it felt like someone with a knife stabbing me all over and very sharply.


I think my sensations are ms related because steroid creams although cooling the skin isnt totally working and this afternoon it was at its worst.  Ive been on antihistamines now for well over a week - another 3 weeks to go.  Gp has doubled them up.


I keep telling my son Im allergic to him - good job hes got a sense of humour living with me (:o)




I suffer from really intense itching and have been taking amiltriptilyne For it, which seems to relieve my symptoms a lot - would definitely recommend

Hi Nattiew,


Im taking amytryptiline however my intense itch produced spots and blotching.  Gp thought it an allergy but even now Im sure because I scratch Ive caused the skin problems.  Sometimes the pains accompany the itch like sharp object being poked onto different parts of my body.


IVe been given antihistamines and steroid cream.  Ive heard of so many msers itching that I feel it might be another hidden ms symptom - Ill keep using cream and see if it eventually goes.


Thanks for your advice.



Hiya Bren

Have you tried cooling the area? I place a towel thats been in the freezer on the affected area-usually legs-and it works short term.

Ellie x

Hi Bren my mum had an allergic reaction to the drugs she takes for her osteoperosis just wandered if you might be having the same thing,remember not everything is ms related,perhaps its something to think about.


hi, i have been itching in different places on my body, especially my face for the past few weeks and am also getting joint pain. quite bad on and off in my fingers also my wrist, elbow and left ankle. coinsidence? i wondered if it was the (as yet undiagnosed but suspected) ms

sue x