Itching everywhere

OMG it is driving me insane!! For months now I hav had random itching everywhere with no cause at all. (Or what I assume is no cause) Now, for the last 4 or 5 days, my left hand has been itching so badly, I had to remove my wedding rings. It turned out there was what looked like a burn blister there, under the rings, which has now popped and it is still itching like mad. I have to wash my hair sometimes twice a day, just to stop the itching. I know it isn my meds because im on a low and very useless dose.

Is this normal?

Hi Mama’, have you seen your GP?

MS does cause itching but I think you should see GP as it might be something else. Never assume that anything is caused by MS.

If GP can’t find another cause, ask to be prescribed ‘Double Base’ gel. It’s very good for itching (can also buy it at chemist or online)… but I really think you need to see GP asap.

Pat x

I have to make an appointment to see her in a couple of weeks so I will chat to her about it then, thanks x

I’ve had itching for nearly 30 years it’s hell. I was told that it was dry skin eczema; an allergy to something. After years of stuggling with very little help from the medical profession I decided to return to the doctor last year; as I’ve had to have a wet room put in and need to be able to use the shower. She gave me Double Base gel. You slap it on your skin after a shower, and use hot water for a few minutes to wash it off/wash it in. It’s changed my life.

It does seem to be very common for people with and without MS. Good luck.

Wendy x

Hey I knw doesn’t explain it in ur head but do u use liquid soap or have used it a lot in public toilets? I found my finger blistered under my wedding ring it seams the liquid soap trapped there and wasn’t getting washed away properly I knw it’s a bit of a random reply but thought I’d share xx