Advice please

Hi wondering if anyone has found any over the counter antihistamine helpful to combat this awful itching on neck and face. I have been putting up with it for weeks now hoping it would ease off! I have only been to doctors twice over my symptoms since they started in a twelve month period as they have the attitude can’t do anything until neuro has run usual tests. As you know that takes time (waiting for a MRI ) anyway the advice the surgery gave me over the phone as cant get to see my doc till April16th! Was by antihistamine. You don’t get any brownie points for not troubling them and complaining about your symptoms. Fed up today sorry. Jo

It’s definitely worth a try I would think. Antihistamines are used for all sorts of things including some neuropathic symptoms. Let us know if they help? Karen x

Thanks Karen will do Jo x

Hi Jo, have you tried Doublebase gel?

It’s very good. You can get it on Amazon, or at chemist, or GP can prescribe.

Hope you get some relief soon,

Pat x

Hi pat I’ve been using diprobase cream is the gel better because the cream is only doing me good phycologicaly the best I have found are frozen flannels from freezer and today a cooling gel scarf from amazon is going to be tried. Jo x

Well I got some antihistamine and I was going to wait an hour before bed as I thought it would be when I most need it to be effective, but while doing tea the heat of the kitchen made it worse and as my new cool gel scarf from amazon was making no difference at all. I decided to take one and I have got to say it has definitely calmed down it has not completely gone but I’m not clawing at my neck chest and face. I will wait and see what kind of night I have. Jo x