Deep itching?

Hi and happy Boxing Day all, I just wanted to know if anyone else gets this and if it could be a symptom. Way back in April when my symptoms really kicked off, I had immense itching in my back that scratching didn’t help. I now have it in my right hand (on the side with numb fingers). It feels like a really deep itch that I can’t locate by scratching. I don’t know if that makes sense? Blimen irritating!! Lorna (dx in Dec) xxx

I get it but I am undiagnosed. Hate it. Like a hidden itch that I cannot scratch no matter how I try although rubbing the area rather than scratching sometimes helps Axx

I get this too…drives me mad. Apparently it can be due to the same neurons that typically transmit pain signals, turning to itch neurons, which is probably why sometimes the itch is painful

It really is annoying isn’t it. It just keeps coming in waves. This site is ace in that you ‘get’ what I’m saying :slight_smile: xx

Lol yes it is I’ve told my hubby I’m chasing itches before now cos they can’t be scratched as too deep or moving and I got a strange look indeed lol A