I Could Be Moving

After 5 months since I became a bachelor boy, I could be getting an offer for my house which may lead me to getting the bungalow I’m after. Fingers and everything else crossed. I’ll not hold my breath though as that’s just dangerous.

Can I suggest you cross only the hand you don’t need for writing etc just in case you need to sign on a dotted line. And uncross your eyes too cause otherwise you’ll just look silly

I hope you get the bungalow you want. I’ll cross some fingers for you as well

JBK xx

Hi Mr Grumpy, That’s great news, all extremities crossed for you! Lets us all know how things progress. Nina x

Everything crossed for you Mr Grumpy! Teresa xx

Fingers crossed for you too :slight_smile:

Sonia x

I wish you the very best of luck, positive thoughts going your wayM

Fingers and toes crossed for you Mr G!

Onwards and upwards…

Pat x

Fingers crossed for you. I’m trying to sell my house to get more suitable accommodation too and hate the ups and downs that go with it, so really hope things work out for you.

Cath xx

Thanks for the messages and keeping things crossed. It seems to be working.

The story is that the lady doing the viewing is acting on behalf of her sister who is returning from Australian next month. She’s been round for a 2nd viewing tonight to get answers to questions from her sister and to take some photographs (of the house not of me!). I’m sensing deeply that there is an offer just around the corner so don’t uncross things yet. Keep the spirit going.

Good luck Mr Grumps. Just been through all that recently myself, so stressful but the move to a bungalow has made life so much better.

Best wishes


Fingers crossed for good news Mr Grumpy.

Pam x

Good luck from me too.

It`ll make such a difference 1 level living.


Good luck Mr G!


Best of luck, everything crossed for you :wink: Lindax

Thanks for the well wishes guys and an offer has been submitted but is well outside of what I’d accept.

You’ve got to start with something anyway.

So sorry Mr Grumpy, Hope when they realise their offer is too low they’ll come back with a more realistic one. GOOD LUCK Nina

Sorry to hear that. It’s awful when they do that. I’m sure they look at us and think because we’re a bit disabled we’re either stupid or so desperate to move that we’ll accept any amount as we’re obviously struggling and need to move ASAP.

I hope they come back with realistic offer.

Cath xx

Had an increased offer this morning from the same bidder but it still wasn’t enough.

Hang in there Mr G. They are testing the water. If they want the house they’ll come back with another offer.

Pat x

On the other hand, what do I know?

Have you spoken to your agent about it? Or thought about the lowest offer you will accept?

It’s just that after writing the above post, I thought it would be sad if you lost a potential buyer when I know you are so eager to move.

Might be worth considering a lower offer if it wouldn’t be too much below market value?

Gosh wish you had Kirstie and Phil to advise (Location, Location, Location)!

Pat x