Remember Me?

Sorry I haven’t been round for yonks and hope you are all well, away from the obvious.

Those that were around in the 20th century may remember my postings and that I was trying to sell my house. After showing several people round which left me knackered, I’m pleased to tell you that I now have a buyer and a bungalow to go to. It should all go through in September, so the house that I have lived in since I was 4 will have a new resident.

Thanks to my estate agent for putting up with me over the last year and a bit and for helping me with the all the solicitor documents yesterday. They have felt like another family to me and in a strange way, I’ll miss them ringing me with an appointment of another viewer.

I won’t be buying another house after this as I could do without all the stress that goes with it.

I’m making a bit of cash from how much I’m selling my place for and buying another. So I’m paying off my mortgage. The first thing I’ll do when I get settled in is get the bath ripped out and replaced with a shower cubicle.

Ah Mr Grumpy!!! I was just thinking about you the other day!!! Very glad to hear you have finally sold the house. Congrats on that!!! A new start in a nice new bungalow… just the ticket. If you’re on benefits, remember to keep receipts of everything you spend… including new furniture. Benefits might ask to see receipts. It’s perfectly ok to spend money on ‘improving your home’ which includes furniture, carpets etc, or on anything you need for your disability. Wonderful that you will be mortgage free! It’s great to hear from you… hope you don’t go and disappear again! All the best, Pat xx

Hi Mr G I was only thinking about you and your house sale the other day. So pleased to hear its all worked well for you in the end. Hope the move isn’t too stressful for you and hope you will be very happy in your new bungalow. Pleased to see you back here again, take care of yourself and keep us updated as to how things go. Nina x

hi, good luck with move. i had a shower cubicle put in and have just changed to a wet room, so much easier and not as dear as i thought

Hi Mr G.

Glad you’ve come through the whole house trading business! It’s something my missus and I have decided not to attempt. We worked out we’d have to spend at least 50 grand more than our house is worth to get a bungalow that is open plan enough for me, plus all the stress of buying and selling, so we’ve decided to spend up to that much, but hopefully a lot less, getting our current house adapted for me. It’s an Edwardian semi, with all the awkward angles in the hall and the landing, and a bathroom miles fom the bedroom. When the work is done it’ll be a lot easier for me to move around, I’ll be able to take myself into the bathroom etc. We will have the stress of putting up with the building work, but I expect I’ll go into respite care for some of it.

We’ve been here for 30 yrs, and we have brilliant neighbours who know me as opposed to ‘the bloke in the wheelchair’.

Won’t it be a wrench for you to leave the house you’ve always lived in? But a bungalow should br brilliant.

All the best


Good to hear from both new and old. I don’t mean old in the sense of age.

Nice to know those who remembered me from the old days were thinking of me. Although I didn’t get a personalised thread reaching out for me! I’m just an attention seeker really.

Hello again Pat and Nina and I followed your advice and others to think of the future of coping with stairs etc. I have noticed my mobility is getting worse and it’s no thanks to a certain person.

Hello too Joy, I don’t think we’ve met electronically. Forgive me if we had and I’m just being forgetful. I’ll see what my plumber can do with a wet room instead of a cubicle. Either way it’ll make it easier instead of showering by stepping into the bath and avoid slipping.

Kev, I won’t bore you with my recent history, if I haven’t already but there are too many memories in this house I don’t want to live with. It will be a bind leaving the house after living here since I was 4 but I didn’t have MS then. As the good advice given to me by the lovely folks on here has taught me I’ve got to look ahead and not back. I know what you mean about the neighbours as they’ve been very supportive to me and I know at least one of my new neighbours.

Hi Mr Grumpy

I’m so glad you got your house sorted. I don’t know if you remember but I had my house on the market when you made the decision too. Well my sale didn’t go through, the buyers of mine were also selling their house to me, we were doing a swap. They decided to try pulling a nasty stunt and dropped their offer to me by a further 25k, making a total drop of 35 000 from the asking price just before the deal was finalised, when I was packed up, solicitors paid etc and said they’d give me until the end of the week to accept. I had to refuse their decision and decided to stay where I am, just adapting this house to suit me. They were very angry but I felt they were taking the pee.

Hopefully all goes smoothly with your move though, I must admit I don’t envy you, having mine adapted and decorated and unpacking again was more work than I could have reckoned on. I’m very envious of you getting your bungalow though. My daughter is getting on my nerves trying to to encourage me to buy a log cabin in the woods. The cabins and setting is gorgeous and living on one level would be lovely but the access and amenities aren’t great so it’s given me something to think about but I’ve told her I’m not moving for at least another year after doing all this work to our present home. It’s not stopped her pestering though.

Good luck with your sale and move, keep in touch.

Cath xx

Hi Mr G, I haven’t met you before as I am new to the forum. We are away to start the process of selling our house and it is not something I am looking forward to. You must be pretty relieved that your ordeal is almost over and you will soon be settled in your bungalow. We were wanting a bungalow as well but they were going so much over the asking price that it wasn’t realistic for us so instead we have bought a flat with a small garden which should be ready next April. I am not really looking forward to showing the house having to keep it tidy all the time will be a bit of a chore but its got to be done. It will be lovely to mortgage free, we should be as well. Nice hearing from you Magsxx

Good news Mr G no more stairs, hooray! Hope the move goes well for you, and you feel a lot happier and can build new memories.

Pam x

Of course I remember you Cath. I had a mental race with you to see who sold first. Guess I won!:slight_smile:

I had a buyer who has backed out twice and measured up here 3 times. Fortunately I had another bidder at the same price as a reserve. How these people get away with it is beyond me. He had 3 kids in their late teens and 1 didn’t want to move. I would have to told him or her it was tough they’ll be moving out shortly any way. I’m too going to get the place adapted to suit me since I’m looking after number 1 now. I’ve e-mailed my local social services to see what needs to be done. I was asked yesterday if I was bothering to get a survey done of my new place and I said there’s no point as I’ll be dead in 50 years. Ever practical me!

Hello Mags. It is a swine having all the people invading your house. If it becomes too much, just ask the estate agent to show them round and you bog off somewhere. Good luck with it all, I’ve become well versed in doing it. I’m kind of new to the forum as I was dx about 18 months ago but the help from the regulars here has been invaluable. You know who you are.

Mr G hello glad you have found a buyer well done

Yes Mr G, you definitely won. I’m pleased for you though, I couldn’t afford a bungalow where I live but I have no mortgage either and it’s such a relief as I was so close to losing the house when my critical illness policy paid out. They tried to get out of it for a year before I got the Financial Ombudsmen involved. I wish you loads of luck with the move.

Cath xx

Hi Mr G!

I also recall you from times past.

I`m so pleased the house sale has finally gone thru and as this reply is 8 days since you posted, I hope you are all settled in and plans for the new bathoom are going well.

I had a brand new wet room, made from a bedroom, just before last xmas. I had been on the council`s DFG list for 9 months. I rang to find out I was still no 161 on the list for consideration…despite an OT fast tracking my case!

So we bit the bullet and got a loan for £9k to have it done ourselves, with a well respected plumber. Hubby did a lot of the preparation/finishing off, plus lighting .I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and am still thriled with it all.

I nicknamed it Hollywood as it is so glam, with black sparkly walls, a waterfall tap, in a half pedestal basin and a chrome shower. The flooring is ultra something I cant recall! in a sparkly grey.

I got lots of shiny chrome and diamante accessories an added a touch of teal, with a blind and towels.

Everyone who has seen my wet room is very impressed. It`s fab-u-lous!

So, how you doing?

luv Pollx

ps you`ll have to change your name to MR Happy now!

Nice to see you on here Poll. Hope you’re doing ok hon. Pat xx

Hi Poll. In the words of Joey from friends, how you doing?

I haven’t moved yet as all the legal stuff has to be done first. Looking at September until it’s sorted.

I don’t think I’ll get monetary help with my bathroom as I’ve too much cash in my account. I’ll be making about 20k from selling this place to buying my new place. I’ll qualify for minor help with things like hand rails but major home improvements is looking unlikely.

I’ll have to use your wet room. It sounds fabulars daarling.

Good to hear from you. Take care.

I think we all want to use Poll’s wet room. Are you taking bookings Poll? We could bring out own towels if it helps… Pat xx :slight_smile:

Ooh!!! Poll I love the sound of your wet room. Our new flat will be completed next year and we have just picked the tiles and floor tiles but yours sounds like something else. I just love sparkly things so I am going to have sparkly accessories too. It will be absolute heaven not having to climb into a bath to get a shower and no STAIRS!!! Mags xx

We could all go to Poll’s and have a party in the Hollywood wetroom, bring your own towels and shower gel.

Sounds good to me…well we can always dream, can’t we.

Pam x

Ooh sounds like a great plan Pam…love it if we could all meet up…however, have to say, especially in my case would be massively preferable if I could keep my clothes on! Nina x

Yes, sounds like a plan, but like Nina I’ll opt to remain attired. Some people look better in clothes and I’m definitely one of them. Your shower room sounds fab though Poll. I’m waiting for the installation of my new clos-a-mat loo. My grant application and everything was passed, just waiting for the installer. Still won’t be anything fancy like yours sadly.

Cath xx