eating up?

Who has chucked a lot of unwated food away? Who is eating up what`s left?

Just had a horrible left over pork butty, with cranberry sauce on. Could only taste the cranberry. Had a bit of Christmas cake for afters…that was nice.

Polished off a box of Ferrero Rochers yesterday…and I dont even like `em!

What you eating?


We currently have a very large pot of Turkey curry on the go :slight_smile: (it smells Deelish)


Making quiche out of left over ham, turkey curry tomorrow. Trifle for breakfast, bigger jeans needed for January.


I love, that you had Trifle for breakfast :slight_smile:

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Crème egg?

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Eating leftovers. Just about got another roast dinner out of the remains of Friday’s lamb - which said in big letters: “DO NOT REHEAT”, but I’ve always ignored that, and never poisoned myself yet.

I was going to have it yesterday, but I was so stuffed from Christmas day that I had nothing but soup and sandwiches yesterday, and a few little party bites. No hot dinner at all.



Oops - P.S. LoL about the Ferrero Rocher. Guess what my neighbour brought round as a Christmas present?

I think at least partly in recognition there was that spot of bother and inconvenience about his mum’s will - I was asked to write a statement about whether she was in her right mind and all that.

He must have appreciated what I said (although I never showed him), as it seems all turned out in his favour - or at least, no more heard about the challenge.

Hence the Ferrero Rocher. But the best bit is, I don’t like them either. But yes, I WILL eat them! Isn’t that awful - to eat chocolate you don’t even like? Glad I’m not the only one! :wink:



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Last year at a friends house warming party she played Ferrero Rocher Russian Roulette

  1. buy a box of Ferrero Rocher

  2. remove 2 from the box and eat them (but keep the wrapper)

  3. coat a Brussels sprout in chocolate (you know where this is going don’t you)

  4. wrap chocolate coated Brussels sprout in Ferrero Rocher wrapper

  5. replace in box and leave out on the table

Thankfully, i don’t like them so i didn’t eat any


I don’t think a chocolate Brussels sprout would be too bad. Especially as the sweets aren’t great to begin with. How did they ever get away with marketing a mediocre, cheap sweet as the ultimate in decadence and sophistication, with that ridiculous advertising campaign? As if you’d go to a society dinner - ANY society dinner - and be presented with those!

Chocolate sprouts would be OK. But I suppose I must be weird. I’d draw the line at chocolate ants, or chocolate insects of any kind, though.


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I have just had a chicken sandwich,first thing i have had to eat in 3 days,it tasted so,so good.

this must be the first christmas with no chocolate for me, my family said to me that they can tell just how ill i have been not to eat doubt i will make up for it soon.

J x

I bought my Mum a box of Ferrero Rocher, deliberately! Because she buys them for us nearly every year and I don’t like them much but my husband absolutely hates them. And he loves white chocolate so he always forces himself to eat the white ones. I told her if she had to buy us chocolate, please could it be quality street (as everyone knows we love QS). I’ve just had to stop my almost step daughter from carrying off all the left over strawberry creams. She thinks that the entire world hates them except for her. I’ve had to put her straight! I will eat them if there is nothing else left!!


Turkey/Ham/Leek and mushroom pie tonight. l put fresh cranberries in it so it looks very festive. Jacket potatoes and Tom Kerridges christmas carrot recipe. Then we are having pannatone/chocolate/orange bread and butter pudding. And a cheese-board - with celery and grapes that l have just found at the back of the fridge - Eight people tonight coming for dinner. Turkey Curry tomorrow. Then it will be ham/egg n chips etc - until it has gone. Hens help eat up the cooked veg - and the dogs get so much on their dinner. Not too many sprouts as they would stink the house out. Well at least you can always blame the dogs!!

Hens are still laying well - bless them.

Turkey curry this evening…lovely


Turkey and ham pie this evening. Yum.


I ordered my tesco home delivery food for 23rd Dec.

I thought i was all organised and when the delivery arrived my turkey was missing. I had a slight panic at this point!!!

I rang the store and within half an hour i had the store manager on my doorstep with a turkey. He apologised and said he had no medium turkeys left so he gave me a large one worth £33 for free and a bottle of wine. I have been credited for the original turkey as well.

He had no idea where my turkey had gone unless it had been delivered to someone else my mistake.

The free turkey was much better than the one i ordered

but…i have finally thrown the last bit of it away…

We had steak for tea - we’ve just had enough of turkey for this year

I love fererro rocher! …but only the original ones…please pass them all over to me! yum!!!

going to finish off the last of my raspberry trifle now…yes i know its nearly midnight but i just cant resist

Teresa. x

i had a ham and philadelphia sandwich and it was just enough.

i didn’t make a christmas dinner so we have no leftovers.

i hate turkey and the only part of the christmas dinner that i enjoy is the roast potatoes, yorkshire puds, carrots and gravy.

sounds so sad but i enjoyed the day better for not having to do a mammoth cooking session.

carole x

I was the same. I just cooked a normal sunday dinner but used ham/gammon. I couldnt be bothered this year. All the waste every year is manic.

I was still given FOUR large boxes of thorntons, I keep telling people i dont eat chocolates lol…yeh i might eat one or two, but i am truly not fussed. FOUR big boxes too, so 2 have already been given away. What a waste of money. I would rather they put the money in cancer research or something.

I am cooking hubby a curry for today. I have just eaten normal. Its been BLISS lol.

I’m still finishing the sweets off, there hasn’t been time to start on the real food

Jan x

Yeh, why do people force things like chox on us, when we have said we dont want/eat them? Must be an easy buy for a present, which doesnt need much thought…


All crap food moved out of my sight/reach.

Got my right head on for tackling my excess ounces…yeah, right!