ok its not chocolate or alcohol but i cant stop eating grapes.

just opened a pack of red grapes and there are only 5 left!

makes me wonder if i’m lacking some nutrient so i googled nutrition of grapes and they have lots of anti-oxidants.

well just 2 to polish off now!

anyone else having strange urges to eat a particular thing?

carole xx

Strange, I don’t really like them!

A shame, as I have a grape vine at home, and this year, thanks to the warm weather, it produced quite a good, sweet crop. I think I had about half-a-dozen of them, just to see what they were like, and the birds had the rest.

Absolutely nothing wrong with them - probably the best they’ve ever been. I just don’t find them very moreish. They don’t really lend themselves to recipes, either. You can eat them as they are, or perhaps add to a salad, but I don’t think you can make a grape crumble or anything - although I’m not sure why. I can only assume it isn’t very nice.



I remember a diabetic nurse telling her patients to freeze the grapes and use them like sweets. That’s me! a mine of useless information

Now, chocolate cake-binge

This time of year satsumas love them had 4 already today.

For me its red grapes too. Also malteasers and cherries, could eat them all day, Buy one pack then eat the whole lot:-) C

Late season blue / black table grapes are over here and i am loving them!

These, almonds and pistachios get decimated in my house hold.

A good use for frozen grapes, is to stick them in your white wine to keep them cold whilst drinking (if you prefer to sip instead of quaff.)

My passions are Clemantines and Pomegranate I can get through three clemantines in one go and sometimes repeat later in the day. I’m too lazy to de-pip (is that a word) so I buy prepared pomegranate…costs a b***dy fortune! But guess what…I’m worth it

Jan x

“quaff” that’s going on my list of favourite words