Food for thought ??

Hi All

Been a while since i have been on here . Thankfully things seems to be steady at the moment … ( cross fingers) . BUt my fatigue is really bad at the moment and i was wondering if any one has found any foods helpful… I am currently doing weight watchers , so please no suggestions of bad food … ( although this would make me very happy . still tired )

I take , Vit D tablets, Vit B12 , B6 . zinc , and a couple of other multi Vitamins ( my mother loves vitamins ) … Any suggestions welcome.

Also if any one has any suggestions of foods to stay away from that would be good to knwo as well.



Hi Anna… yes… bananas!

I get bad fatigue and also sometimes huge meltdowns… like someone has pulled the plug… a banana is the one thing that helps and I now tend to have about two a day and always try to have some in case of meltdown.

Not sure what it is, maybe the patasium in them, but they work for me.

Pat x

Thanks Pat , I’ll give them a go, it’s so annoying as I eat so much , salad and vegetables , but not a massive fruit fan. But If it gives me a boost in the afternoon then I will give it a go… I just want to have enough energy to stay awake when I get in from work. In the last few weeks it has been really creeping up on me. Think it’s cause my work has gone crazy. Thank you again XAnnaX