Someone mentioned to me that this might help with fatigue, has anyone ever heard of it or even tried it?? Sue x

just googled it

its a B complex and good for red blood cells

say it helps with energy release

carole x

Might give it a go, could really do with some energy. Sue x

where would I get some from plz?

wil try anything to try and get rid o fatigue :frowning:


Anna x

Hi Anna Having just googled it, it looks like you can get it in many places boots, Amazon Tesco I’m deffinatley going to try it if it helps me feel less fatigued Sue x


I’ve been taking this for a while now and I feel it really helps me. I buy the liquid and it’s currently on offer in Tesco…£3.70 but on 3 for 2 at the moment.

Fizzy x

Iv just started taking this was worried with MS you couldn’t?? I’m taking that plus vit d

is this supplement ok if your trying to conceive? X