Iron Tablets?

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I read a few days ago an article on ceefax regarding Fatigue. Apparently the medics / researchers have found that taking daily Iron tablets, helps with Fatigue.

Does anyone else know about this please? Have any info on it?

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Anna x

just tryin to bump this up as no replies yet and interested what info ppl on her have.

thnx in advance x

Hi, I am still in limboland but am taking iron tablets for anaemia and, with the exception of stopping me feeling breathless all the time, they haven’t made any difference to my “MS” symptoms.

I am on iron/ferrous something or other, was put on it 8 weeks ago after neuro sent me for blood tests. I found initialy that my fatigue was better and my concentration seemed to improve but nowhere back to what i was before ms hit i think that i noticed an improvment because my iron levels was so low, now my levels are up again im probably better than i was but not what i should be, so whilst i think iron does help with fatigue the ms really is whats causing fatigue. xx

thanx both x x

I have been on iron tablets since 2006 because of low ferritin levels caused by heavy periods.Low ferritin means that I had no or little stored iron in my body.Anyway,I had dreadful fatigue and since taking the iron tablets notice a real difference.Sometimes the dose has been changed around and I’ve been very fatigued again and assumed it was MS fatigue.But no,it turned out to be that I needed to up the iron dosage.I take 1-2 tablets a day,recently only for 10 days in the month.I dread having low levels ever again.

So it might be worth looking into.I would advise you to speak to your GP.

Hope this helps and that you’re feeling better soon.

Brenda x

I was told a very long time ago that iron (unless body dictates low readings in blood) can be toxic and affect the liver.

If you do decide to have a go taking it, please get advice from your gp beforehand.



The preface to what I’m about to say is that if your GP says you need iron, take it.

There have been links established - depending on whom you choose to believe - between excess iron and inflammation in the brain. The upshot is that I wouldn’t take iron supplements unless I needed to for general health, but time may well prove the iron = inflammation theory wrong, as so often seems to happen when new theories about MS come out, sigh.

Meantime, for fatigue, I’d try sticking to a very healthy diet, if possible having a food intolerance test (eating things to which you’re intolerant can really add to the fatigue burden - gluten and dairy are common culprits), follow a regular exercise regime (some, not mega amounts!) and sleep well.

Have you read Jo Johnson’s “Shrinking the Monster”? Step 6 of this offers some brief but useful comment.

I’m not convinced that link will work! Type shrinking into the search box, top right of this page, and you should get there.

Good luck in tackling it.

Lolli xx

I just wanted to echo the last two posters in saying that it’s not a good idea to take iron unless you are anaemic and it has been prescribed.Having iron levels that are too high as well as too low can also cause health problems.If your iron levels are normal then taking iron tablets won’t help you to feel less tired.


I asked the MS nurses about this, they said they don’t think so because it was specifically mentioned in the article that it was mainly for women, and she said it was linked to their monthly cycles, and concluded that it wouldn’t be the same for the sufferers of MS.

But if any one tries it out, may useful as long as theres no danger!

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Thnx again for ur replies guys.

i did have anemia due to not eating properly.but i now get a regular b vit injection to counteract might not be due to this?

i did think taking too much iron was dangerous ,so was suprised to see this as a poss option. that said i haven’t spoken to any medics about this yet. but it rings v true in what you say.

the diet that you mentioned, i think it was gluten free etc. i would be v interested in it, however my concentration is v poor at mo and i cant asorb info like i used a big bumf of data i cant read.

do you know of a site where the info is separated into relevant paragraphs and with a better font thats easier to read plz?

as 9i can see what you are saying and see how some foods do have an impact on how tired i get.take for ex, i feel loads better when i stick to low gi foods.

well thnx again all


Anna x