Blood test to determine cause of fatigue

I have been feeling incredibly tired recently. I made the mistake in the past of attributing everything down to MS. So i went to my gp & he sent me for a blood test. GP said it could be 1 of many causes but did suggest a thyroid problem could be the cause of fatigue.

has anyone experienced such severe fatigue & how did you cope? I hope that my ms hasnt become more active and there is a simple treatment for me feeling so exhausted

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Hi, yes I sometimes feel exhausted and have to pace my day. Good idea to get bloods tested. Low B vitamins and also low iron can cause fatigue. It helps to take vitamin C with iron supplements for the iron to absorb. In our diet an orange or tomato could be eaten after or with iron rich food, to help absorb the iron.

I meditate twice a day and it’s like a little powernap which helps. Sometimes a short afternoon nap helps too.

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I have an underactive thyroid and one of the symptoms was fatigue. Now the thyroid is sorted out with medication but still have the fatigue with ms but at least I can function now.

Mags xx

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Hi Robin

Please ask Dr to check your ferritin levels - overlooked by a lot of doctors. My levels are very low and are the main cause of my fatigue. I am taking high strength ferrous fumerate tablets now.

Hope this helps