Hi MS society members - I am quite new to posting with your organisation, having joined just this day, but I would like, if I may, to explain the symptoms I personally have been experiencing over this past few years or so. Sudden and complete loss of all energy. This can last for a short term, say 10 minutes or so, or for perhaps an hour. When I say complete loss of energy I mean that I will need to lie down, with no strength in my arms or legs, needing to close my eyes and feeling unable to talk, even to my wife who will be standing near wondering what the heck is going on. It usually happens when I fail to eat something that contains a protein, or if I have not eaten for more than 3 hours or so. After talking of this kind of thing with my GP in the past, I have been then sent for blood tests, which have always come back normal. I take a blood pressure medication, and so I have to wonder if that could be the cause. It is simply that I would like to understand just what the cause might be, which is why I began to wonder if I could be suffering from MS. I have past my 80th. birthday, but normally am quite active when in the mood. I regularly walk briskly for 30 minutes or so, I will do 20 minutes of yoga 2 or 3 times each week, with up to 80 pushups, and will do 20 minutes on an exercise bike occasionally. But then, wham, on comes this tiredness, which just knocks me out cold. May I ask, can anyone else out there relate to this kind of thing? Thank you

Hello - i think your doctor would have referred you to a neurologist if they thought it was MS. MS is difficult to diagnose and there are many other conditions that have similar symptoms to MS. I suggest you speak to your doctor again and trust they’ll investigate your symptoms and provide you with the necessary help.


There’s not much more to add to the first reply. Sudden fatigue could be caused by all sorts of things. And although fatigue is an MS symptom, I’d expect there to be other neurological symptoms if it was MS. But like anon says, it’s really something the experts should investigate. Go back to your GP and ask for it to be investigated further.



You have linked this symptom to food intake so my guess would be plummeting blood sugar levels. I noticed years ago that if I eat toast for breakfast, within three hours I feel weak, disorientated, and very poorly and raiding the biscuit tin. I read somewhere that toast is basically sugar and raises the blood sugar level which then drops drastically after a few hours. Easting protein such as bacon, eggs, or a slow release protein such as porridge and banana solves the problem. Try it and see if that helps first because it doesn’t sound much like MS fatigue to me.

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Have you been tested for thyroid defficiency? That can cause such sudden fatigue. My partner suddenly was diagnosed with it last year (on top of existing health problems). I’ve had it for 30 years. Then again, could be anaemia, low blood pressure or lack of iron, or blood sugar levels dipping. Suggest you see GP soon and explain symptoms. Simple blood test should sort you out.

Many thanks to all those that replied to my new posting. To Reddevine, to he-funk and to the two Anonymous, your suggestions will give me food for thought, but as far as you think, I probably should rule out MS. Which I cannot help feeling just a little sorry, as you seem to be a really close community, Although I am sure you would all prefer for things to be otherwise.Many thanks once again, My on-line name is Philco37 by the way.