Exhaustion "attacks"

Hi guys

I have had MS for a couples of years now and I am under DMT (Tecfedira). I have very mild symptoms (balance issues and fatigue) and have been having a pretty normal life. Over the past few weeks, I seem to have sudden episodes where I feel as if someone suddenly just removes the batteries. All of a sudden, my head feels heavy, everything is a struggle, I can’t think straight and if I wait for too long I struggle to walk. I can then sleep for a couple of hours or rest and everything comes back to life.

Anyone experience this? Sudden exhaustion?

Thanks guys


hi alex

that is fatigue you are talking about.

most people with ms suffer from it.

i consider it my most disabling symptom because it stops me doing stuff far more than any mobility issue could.

as you have found out, the only remedy is sleep and rest.

now for a rollover and another nap!

carole x

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Its worth going to your GP and being tested for thyroid deficiency. that too causes the symptoms. As said above fatigue is very very real and feel like you have totally hit a brick wall of exhaustion. Basically, give in and rest.

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As well as having your thyroid checked (underactive and overactive thyroid can cause fatigue), you could get your vitamin levels checked too, vitamin B12 and D especially.


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Thanks guys.

Oh well, now I know what fatigue really means…