live for the moment

i bought some bottles of wine and some boxes of chocolates to put away for christmas.

tonight i opened a bottle of red and almost polished it off.

then i opened a box of chocs and can’t believe how few are left.

so i’m sat here feeling drunk and fat.

i thought i was being organised getting stuff to put away for christmas but then i told myself that i might get knocked down by a bus tomorrow. i can’t stand waste so it makes perfect sense!


carole x

Good for you love, & your right life’s not a dress rehearsal we only come round this way once :slight_smile: Oh & cheers xx

Go for it! My weakness has been the Halloween sweets (we have a lot of children on our road and we all know everyone else, so get a LOT of callers!). I’ve restocked the pumpkin bucket twice already! X


Wb x

Good for you! I’m feeling guilty for having spent virtually ALL day in bed, for no particular reason - not having a relapse or anything.

I think even consuming goodies meant for somebody else (can always replace them!) would have been more constructive and morale boosting than what I’ve done - which is nothing.

I keep telling myself tomorrow’s another day, but I’ll probably waste all of that, as well. Could somebody please give me a shout when it’s about April? I don’t want this Winter!



I’m with you Carole. Except I don’t like red wine or chocolate so my evening involved white wine, olives, pickled onions and anchovies. Yum :slight_smile:

It might be OK telling us that,but on a dating site…Maybe not so much…Do you fancy the Mediterranean type,but the pickled onions may give the game away.Pickled herring may entice a Scandanavian,a deep fried mars bar…you know who,and a burger is a giveaway…I like midget gems and am not averse to the odd bucket of wine gums.

Wb x