do i go hospital call doctor of do nothing

Last night things got worse I am un dx first appointment is november but I have lost feeling in my left side hard to move it and can’t walk properly


I’d say go to a&e now rather than trying to get the gp on a sunday, but if you want conformation you can always ring NHS direct on 0845 4647 and they can advise you further.

I know its scary but keep us updated, i’m sure people on here have been through similar and can help you through this

Massive hug and i hope you get some help soon,

Take care,


I have been bad since last week again but I thought the feeling would comeback this morning but hasn’t and keep tripping over my foot don’t like wasting people time at hospital if I can avoid it am I stupid lol

Waiting until November to see a neurologist seems way too long to me considering what’s going on. I agree with Sara - it’s best to make sure that nothing needs attention urgently plus, if you go to A&E, you might get to see a neuro.

If you really can’t face A&E, then please see your GP first thing tomorrow and get things properly checked out - your GP can also push for an earlier appointment with the neuro.

Good luck!

Karen x

Ok decided to go hospital just trying to get child care as hubby at work and can’t get out

All sorted will keep you posted thanks xx

Good luck - my dx came a short time after I was admitted via a flight to A & E, think it speeds up the process.


Hi Rach, hope you get some relief soon. Let us know how you are when you can.

luv Pollx

Hope you are OK and that you get some immediate help. Teresa xx

Hope you are ok. Let’s us know how you get on x

Update being kept in MRI tomorrow maybe some answers

Good luck. Hope this leads to some answers for you.

Sorry you have to stay in though ((hugs))


Glad they are taking you seriously. Teresa xx

That’s really good news. I hope you get some answers very soon!

Karen x

Take care…and hopefully you will know one way or the other quickly.


That’s good news - you should get some answers - the MRI is NOISY so take some decent music with you !!!

anu xx

Hope you get some answers today. xx

Hopefully get MRI today still in and feel same but spirits ok at mo thanks all x x

Good luck. We are thinking of you.

At least you are moving forward now to get some answers.


Hang in there, they’ll get to you soon and hopefully answers will be forthcoming. Teresa xx