Another Quick Question :)

My follow up appointment with the neuro isn’t for another month and the appointment that they sent me following my GP’s request to expidite it has arrived and has been made for September!!! lol

Anyway, over the last few days I have really started to feel bad again. My arms are the worst thing this time, they feel weighted down and its become a real effort to move them. I’m also feeling off balance and wobbly on my feet and yesterday I actually fell. When I last went to the GP he said it was for a neuro to treat (hence the request to expidite) so now I feel that my GP can’t/won’t help.

My question is, do I go back to the GP or phone the neuro’s secretary and explain it to her and see if I can’t get seen quicker. Perhaps I need to just wait it out?

Any thoughts or advice would be great - thank you :slight_smile:

I would suggest you phone the neuro’s sec to see if you can have your appt’ brought forward. So sorry to hear that you are feeling bad again. Just keep pushing them, and pushing. Wish you luck and take cre.



It’s always worth phoning the secretary or booking system to see if there’s been a cancellation you can fill. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the secretary to get back to me so fingers crossed.

Finally got through to the neuro secretary and was told to keep my August appointment and if my GP felt that I needed to be seen quicker that I should have been referred to another hospital as they don’t see emergencys! My GP DID think that my appointment needed to be quicker which is why he wrote to them asking for one … they just made another appointment for September.

I was told that I was lucky to still have the August one open as that should have been cancelled.

Think I am going to ask GP to send me to other hospital now.

No wonder so many people are so frustrated at just getting to see the neuro’s.