Compliance interview with DWP tomorrow.

I’ve got a compliance telephone interview tomorrow with the DWP, between 9.00am and 4.00pm.

They expect me to be by the phone the whole day.

The letter might be generic but sounded like they think I’m fiddling and they are checking up. I’m doing no such thing and don know what they men when they say they are aware of a change of circumstance and need to check I’m on the right benefits.

Does anybody know what this might be about? A nasty sounding letter for a routine check up perhaps? Any ideas?

Flo x

it sure sounds sinister!

well i can’t be by the phone all the time because i need the loo very frequently, because (guess what) i have ms!!

they are thick, cruel *^&£$ (not swearing for once).

have a good scream flo.

i’ll join you!

don’t know what to suggest.

i had one of those phone interviews before the PIP debacle.

they asked questions they should know the answers to, which made me feel it could be a scam.

good luck

carole x

ps if there is anyone who could be with you, get them there!


I had a phone call before my PIP was assessed. But that was just a phone call with no prior notice. And they seemed to be trying to give me more points than I’d claimed.

Have you already qualified for PIP Florence? And is this a double check on something? Or is it prior to their decision?

It is a bit odd to be told anytime between 9 and 4. I suppose you have to take the phone to the loo with you!!

And it’ll worry you all day.

Sorry, I’m of no help whatsoever.


I haven’t heard about Pip at all and I’m still waiting. As far as I know its got nothing to do with PIP because I’ve never been to pipped, I’m still on DLA.

I suppose it might be a precursor to PIP.

I’ve had the letter for two weeks now and haven’t mentioned it to anybody before, but because the interview istomorrow I’ve decided to ask. I should’ve asked you all earlier.

It sounds sinister but I haven’t done anything wrong so I don’t see how it can be.

I am coming off of ESA very shortly because Mark’s mother has moved into a care home and her house has been sold and the proceeds distributed among Mark and his brother and sister. You would think that the house had to pay for care home fees but it turns out that she has enough money with her pensions to pay the fees without touching the house, so the house is being shared out.

On the very day that the contracts were signed I received this letter from the DWP. I immediately panicked because I thought that I should’ve told them about the inheritance, they don’t know about it yet. I can see absolutely no point in telling them about money that we might get and we haven’t got yet. I plan to tell them on the day the money landed in the bank account. Completion date is Friday next week so we should get the money Friday or Monday. But not telling them already isn’t wrong is it?

How would they know anyway?


flo don’t worry about the inheritance, as you said, it’s just a maybe at the moment. FISH to them! if you don’t know what fish is - it’s a bit rude. enjoy the inheritance when it lands in your account. it was ESA that i had a sinister phone call from. i told the man that it felt like a summons from the stasi! he didnt know what the stasi were so i told him. poor chap was mortified and was falling over himself trying to make it better. i’m an utter cow sometimes!


Tell them nothing - yet. A gas explosion destroys the house and you have to wait months for an insurance payout. This sounds like a letter I had from the DVLA while waiting for my driving licence … “We have received information that you need to drive a modified car …” The modification was that I have to drive an automatic transmission, and I gave them the information. Bureaucrats (Spits on floor) Geoff

Undertaking the Customer Compliance interview A few case studies on the web: DWP benefit review letter from compliance officer DWP benefit review letter from compliance officer — MoneySavingExpert Forum

WHAT if FISH? I just asked hubby and he didn’t know!

PJday…two very conflicting pieces of info there, but it does sound like this is a routine check.

If I have been reported for something I am bereft of ideas!

Hubbys brother is a nasty personality problem and we have often said he will report us for receiving the inheritance.

He might have done but if he has he has done it too early. He is a joint beneficiary so he is getting the same as hubby.

I wonder!

Flo .

Sorry im a soldier soon to be ex soldier we swear all the time and it pains me to tell you what fish stands for because you seem like a lovely lady .

Please cover your ears and i promise to wash my mouth out with soap .

Fish = F*** , It , S***, Happens .

Sorry sorry sorry .

Iain xx

[Edited by Moderator, the meaning is still clear]

thanks iain for explaining FISH. by the way, i’m a total civvy but i swear all the time too. i blame the ms!

Florence, I will be thinking of you today, hope your call goes ok.

Iain, so sorry your soon to be ex soldier.

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Firstly , sorry mods for my foul mouthed outburst on explaining FISH last night , i should have done it like you did lol .

Secondly Sarah its ok , ive been sat here on full pay for 5 months and it will take another year to discharge me , its costing an awful amount of money for me to do nothing . My primary job is a weapons instructor so im not insured to pick a weapon up or enter an MOD Unit unescorted (brain damaged ).

Anyway this is about Flo not me lol .

Good luck for today Flo give them hell .

Love Iain xx .

“information from a bank official or a doctor” is mentioned as “sensitive”.

Both these officials have to report to the DWP. Does your doctor know??

I tend to think it’s DWP interview targets and a random fishing expedition.

Do what they ask - comply - with a smile.

He rang early and I can report back to you now.

He told me this … They received an anonymous report that I work in my garden, I saw wood and climb ladders. I walk around normally in the front in the road.

Well there you go - fascinating!

We have wood delivered all the time because we have an open fire, Mark is often in the back sawing wood and I am usually with him.

Up ladders - UP LADDERS! UP LADDERS??? Hee hee haa haa …up ladders!

Well yes with the help of my sticks I do sometimes manage to walk to the car and I sometimes stupidly try to get the post in.

We can narrow this down to three neighbours because of the sawing wood which is done in an area only three could see or know about.

1 A bloke who we love living next to a geezer who smokes, drinks and smokes some very funny smelling oddities. He did go funny on us a few months ago and we couldn’t work out why he suddenly cold shouldered us. He’s OK now though, he’s back to normal.

2 A couple we had a boundary dispute with which we won. Our solicitor sorted them out but they argued the blazes for ages over the fence. They moved out a few months ago.

3 The new neighbours - lovely people but they will have heard the sawing wood because ‘we’ (I do try to help) saw wood regularly.

The bloke from THE FRAUD SQUAD said he gets these all the time and he is closing the case and he gets these all the time.

I told him about the boundary dispute and his words were - " Well, there you go then".

There we have it, I have been reported by a neighbour.


well what an absolute fish of a neighbour!

console yourself with the thought of their karma, cos it will get them!

are these people expecting a reward for “grassing” up their neighbours.

i remember in maggie thatcher’s time, people were offered rewards for grassing up neighbours.


Cat woman …do you like fish?

I feel very strange now. Because I can only suspect who it is but don’t actually know, I now feel I don’t want to know any of the neighbours.

I feel scared to even go it into the garden…who is watching?

But my neurologist knows that I like gardening and she told me to do what I can. I do keep a nice garden and try my best out there with hubby doing the labouring and things I can’t do. I’ve got to prune back the holly bushes soon and now I don’t want to do it. It’s not as if I brazenly walk out there climb a ladder and wield lopping shears. To do that I’ve got to find a way and think of a strategy. I can’t just do it. I weed and prune and plant things - always with hubby with me. My neuro told me to do this.

It’s my garden and it’s the one thing I can do that gives me pleasure and satisfaction when I see a nice garden. If I didn’t have hubby I couldn’t even get out there. Because I don’t know who the neighbour is I am now well and truly suspicious of both sides.


An interesting case which is worth reporting to Welfare Weekly.



As these were false claims made against you, I wonder if it is possible to take legal action and get compensation.

I doubt that very much. I don’t suppose I will ever find out who it actually was so how can I even have a word with them?

The DWP man said the report was anonymous.

Nobody even knows that I claim disability benefits. If anybody ever asks I tell them that we live on our pensions. It’s nobody’s business. None of my neighbours know that I claim disability benefits and the person who made this report must have guessed.

Thank you for those links.


In your situation I’d be f furious.

I think I’d ask for a letter form the DWP asking them what was the conclusion of their enquiry. Also ask for a copy of any record they have made of the phone converstaion.

I’d question why they acted on an anonymous complaint - is that normal procedure - if they were acting on an anonymous complaint they should have done their own checking up first?

re the inheritance - check if PIP - DLA are means tested - hopefully the inheritance shouldn’t make any difference.

Don’t take this lying down!

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also - was the complaint made a written one - if it was then you should have a copy.

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