Pip f2f

Hi, I have my f2f assessment on Friday and I’m a complete wreck I have so many questions going through my head, what will they ask me, what will they want me to do, etc, etc. I’m just so nervous and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Good luck with your f2f on Friday.

I have my f2f at my home tomorrow. Will let you now how I get on and the sort of things they asked me.

My husband is convinced I won’t be eligible but I am prepared to give it a go on the grounds that all they can say is no.

Good luck for tomorrow, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

good luck to both of you. sadistic buggers this government making us jump through hoops like this. make sure they know about all the aids you mentioned in your claim and talk about the extreme difficulty you would face without them. ask for a copy of the report although you will still need to phone and ask for it. at least you can see for yourself how you have been misrepresented. that will get your dander up good and proper. all the better to fight for your entitlement.


The face to face interview should be based very much around the answers you gave on your PIP form that you completed and sent in to the DWP. Read that thoroughly before you go into the interview and take someone with to give moral support and help s ansd when necessary They will ask some questions about your physical abilities such as can you stand up, quick visual test. Remember you are being assessed from the moment you approach the building.

At the end remember to ask the assessor when you can phone up the DWP and see a copy of the assessors report. It might not come through until after the DWP assessment letter telling you what benefits you are entitled to receive - it might be important if the decision goes against you.

They need to know only what you can do on a bad day and these actions must be safe, repeatable, reliable and in a reasonable time frame.

Good luck and keep cool

Thank you, I’m trying to keep calm. It’s in the morning so I’ve not got too much longer to stress about it.

Hi, Well it wasn’t as bad as expected all though she (the assessor) didn’t seem to ask a great deal of questions, it was 40 mins so I hope it was enough, I worry because I forgot a lot of things, proper brain fog!! I have just received a text from DWP saying they’d received the report and now I’m worrying that that’s too quick. When can I ask for a copy? Any advice would be great. Thank you

Hello, If the DWP have received a copy of the report then I suggest you phone up the number PIP enquiries and ask for a copy. Don’t take no for an answer, I believe it is your right to see the report If her assessment is incorrect then write into the DWP pointing out the errors. If you disagree with the final decision and/or the assessors report is incorrect then you have evidence when it comes to appeal or even tribunal. Personally I found CAB were very useful. My daughter had worked in the charity sector and was conversant with the problems. As a legal friend once said to me it is a case of ‘Appeal, appeal and appeal’. Lets us know how it goes. If its any help I went from DLA to PIP and benefits did not change but I stressed and sweated gallons

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Hi, Thank you, it’s my first time claiming, can’t believe how stressful it’s been.