Pip dates

Had 2 letters today saying pip claim past onto capita dated 27th June , the second letter dated 28th June also received today giving me a f2f in 10 days at home , sent ms nurse letters and Gp letter with claim, Feel very nervous about f2f .

best bet is to have someone with you who understands what you go through all the time but leaves the talking to you.

stay calm.

stay seated, they won’t die if they don’t get a cuppa.

ask for a copy of the report.

good luck.

Thank you , got my sister to write a letter for me to hand in at the assessment and my husband is going to be there for the assessment just worried of reading all the answers that others have gone through feel sick with worry .

Me too got my home visit in 2 wks , I really hate it I was given an indefinate DLA award 8yrs ago The guy doing the exam was a retired GP He gave me a full physical examination and had my husband show him how he moved me around etc I Can’t believe it really What do they think will have changed in 8yrs ? do they think I will be better now? I don’t understand why they are doing this. I believe the current visits are not as intrusive but we’ll see!

My f2f is on the 27th too. I didnt ask for a home visit and I’m nervous as to whether they’ll want to look around the house and how intrusive the whole assessments is going to be.