Home PIP assessment

Hi everyone,

Today I have found ou that I am to have a PIP assessment at home in October.

Has anone else had one of these ? I am so new to all of this that I have never claimed for anything like this before and I am really nervous about wht to expect!!!


Hi Asher

I’m still waiting for ANY response to my application. I hope you don’t mind me asking but how long ago did you put the PIP application in?

Good luck with your assessment, personally I’d welcome one as truthfully, I think I try to push through too much and my husband tells me off and so do work colleagues sometimes.

Sonia x

Hi, I expect it`ll be on the same lines as home assessments for DLA. I underwent 2 of those back in 2000 and 2003. The doc was very nice, examined me and asked loads of questions. His information is used to decide if you qualify and at what level.

Hope it goes well. I know it is anxiety causing hun. I expect i`ll have to re-do it in 2015.


hi Poll,

I submitted my PIP form on the 8th September 2013, the letter stating that they would be seeing me at home from 14-18th October arrived on Saturday 28th Sept. Since thn I have made an appointment for them to come on 17th Oct. nervous twitch

I am surprised that the want to see me at home though. None of my documentation I sent was a lie or exaggeration, but the thought that someone will be grilling me in my own home makes me feel anxious!! Oh well, I guess I will just have to get on with it!

I also push through it too much! I am continually being told off by my hubbie and daughter. I don’t seem to have a “dimmer switch” for energy, I tend to rush at things headlong, housework, cooking etc (not at my old healthy rate, but at MS slower rate!) then suddenly I crash in pain and fatigue.I need to sleep so much but the pain stops that. I haven’t been able to work since July, fatigue, pain, no sleep etc is making a zombie out of me, I hope to go back sometime soon as I am slowly going mad at home!!!

I hope you PIP stuff comes through soon. I guess yours is a little slower to come through as you are already on the system under DLA.

Thanks for replying to my thread!!

Asher xx

Hi again Asher, I dont think you need to worry or be wary of the fact that you are having a home assessment for PIP.

This is the norm for DWP. Changing dates of visits isnt unusual either! You dont have long to wait. Have someone with you, to hear and see what is said and done.

I dont want my papers to come…2015 will be soon enough!

luv Pollx

Fingers crossed I’ll hear something very soon then as I sent mine back the first week of September …

Good luck with the assessment :slight_smile:

Sonia x


The vast majority of PIP applications will have assessments.

Yours will be at home as the assessor will be from a company called ‘Capita’. They wpn the contract for your area and decided that all their assessments will take place in the home environment. Their appointed health care professionals will look at what you can not do through mobility & care and make a recommendation for an award based on that. Thre award will be decided by the DWP decision maker who should contact you with the reasoning behind their decision and to discuss it further.



Thanks for the messages everyone. I feel it bit less anxious! Asher x x