Afternoon all.

Not too egged out I hope.

Not started on mine yet.

Right reason for my post…

a lot of us are worried as to the whereabouts of one of our more prolific members, albrecht durer aka AD aka Anthony.

We had bigs plans for summat wi` Ant at the helm.

But in his absence Boudica has taken the reins…I know, I`m a bolshy cow!!

So, would it be helpful for each of us to swap e mail addresses/telephone numbers, with a buddy, so if someone else goes AWOL, we do have a contact.

Of course, some may not wish to do this and that`s fine.

pollsx aka Bouds xx

I think that’s a good idea. Even if Admin had a phone number? When I was in hospital I had no access to internet, which was frustrating, however my mobile phone is always with me. How do you suggest we organise it Polls?

So far, Poll and I have each other’s contact details, to be fair, we’ve had them for quite a long time, we chat all the time. But since yesterday, I now have swapped details with Carole and Tracey. I suppose it’s just pick a person or two and swap details so someone has a way of finding out if anything has happened to stop a generally prolific poster from doing so. It would stop the rest of us worrying like we have over Antony.


Ok, Ive got Sssues and Carole`s.

Sue has Carole and Tracy.

Poppy, I`ll pm you.

Just pick someone and swap info.



Like button!!!

Slightly off-topic but not exactly(!), can anyone tell me how the ‘buddy’ thing works on here? - if I go on my own profile it says I have no buddies (lol, billy-no-mates, me!) but gives no clues, whatsoever, as to how I add or connect with anyone to become buddies in the first place! Am I missing something here or just being a bit thick?!?


It’s another thing that doesn’t work Soo. At least it hasn’t been working since I joined almost 2 years ago.

Oh, haha! 'bit like my brain then!

so does that mean that the forum is not all there?

like us?

we understand the brain fog/ brian frog

Oh it’s so good to know I’m not on my own in this fog after all :-))

Love the idea of email/phone numbers. I’m gonna pm Boudi fab Poll & grant permission to share.

Great idea x

As it happens, I do have Anthony’s e-mail address.

I have just mailed him to ask how things are.


I don’t believe he’d ignore our concerns if he was reading the forum. This makes me doubt he has either his computer or internet access. I’m sure you’ll report back if you hear from him Geoff.


I have just mailed him to ask how things are.Geoff [/quote]

Good to know there can be contact, thanks Geoff

Chrissie x

You can send someone a personal message they will get it on thier e male .

I’d like to suggest that one of the contact email addresses or phone numbers belongs to a third party. There may be situations where the “missing person” doesn’t have access to the Internet or to their phone. So it would be useful to have their home phone number (if they live with someone) or details for a family member, friend or carer.

Yeh, cheerful…agree!

I`ve got several members info now, so please dont ask me to share with anyone else, cos too much info fogs me up even more.

No offence meant here…hope you understand.

Cheers mateys.


Hope you can raise our esteemed AD.


Hi, you dont actually need to become buddies…Just pm someone and that`ll do the trick chuck!


Awe thanx Polls, yeah I realised that but I was just curious about the whole buddy thing on my profile on here, lol

Poppy messaged me yesterday and I’ve swapped details with her. :slight_smile: I think its a really good idea!

Soo x

Let’s also remember that sometimes people, for their own reasons either prefer to remain relatively anonymous and / or to decide to take a break from the forum, without us taking offence.

We’d maybe all be quite surprised to find that AD has vanished off the boards of his own volition. But it’s possible.