I have four people listed as my buddies. I didn’t know I’d made any buddies, or anyone had made me a buddy. How does this work?

I didn’t know how, but I think I’ve just added myself as your buddy!! Always wondered but had a go. If you click onto someones name it takes you onto their homepage and you can add to buddies from there. I know I’ve just done it but have sort of forgotten already, will have another go & let You know if I missed something

Its self explanatory when you get on their homepage. Don’t know what it means or does tho to be someones buddy. Am a bit of a techno dunce, surprised I managed to work it out. C

Thank you I see you are buddy number five! I know I’ve looked at profiles but I didn’t know I’d made them buddies! What fun!!


Being a technodunce dont know what it means or does tho, hopefully someone else can help with that C

at one time there was a link to buddies like there is a link to messages.

it was about 6 or 7 years ago when i first started visiting this site.

i had quite a few buddies but now only have one left.

we message each other almost every day and i really feel that i know her!

carole x