can anyone tell me how to add a buddy?

i had to re-register with a new password and now i can’t remember how to add a buddy.

please be gentle because i have become such a techno dunce


carole xx

Having same problem. Has the button been removed ?

Not being funny, but what is the point of them anyway?

I’ve wondered this for a long time. It doesn’t seem to do anything, other than let you broadcast who you believe you’re “in” with (whether it’s mutual is another matter!)

Not having a go at you personally, Carole, but it all seems very primary school - making public declarations of who your friends are. It used to have some value when it let you see at a glance which of them was online (I think that was on the forum before this one), so you could tell if it was worth a PM, or if they wouldn’t be around to receive it.

But now, it does what, exactly? Let’s people feel rejected if they’d assumed you were pals, but you didn’t add them to your list?

I honestly can’t see what good it does. When it comes to the regulars, it’s probably fairly obvious from posting history who gets along with whom (if anyone’s that interested!), but why the need to make a statement that A is my friend, and, by implication, B is not?




Damn - apostrophe abuse, having just talked about bad grammar! I’d much rather have an edit post facility than the buddy list.

Some forums I frequent only have a window of a few minutes, so you can fix howlers you notice immediately on posting, but you CAN’T use it to troll by saying something inflammatory, and then 24 hours and a big flame war later, change it to something innocent, so it looks as if everyone who replied angrily is off their trolley.



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Crikey, it gets worse. I just saw - very momentarily - that I have “followers”.

They don’t show usually, on my home page - it says nobody is following me. But I clicked on “relationships”, and just briefly, I saw that I have both buddies (a lot more than my homepage indicates), and “followers”.

BUT, I can’t see the page again, and don’t know how I navigated to it. I went through what I thought was the same process, but now it’s showing only buddies.

The “followers” - when I could see them - were familiar names - more so than the buddies, in fact. But I don’t know any way you can elect to “follow” someone. Has there ever been a button for that? Or is it just an automated record of people who’ve replied to you recently, or more than once, or something, making it appear that they are a “follower”, in the sense of taking an interest?

Haha, this forum is crazy-making, especially if you already have concerns about whether you have cognitive decline. Seeing something for seconds, and then not being able to find it again, and wondering if it was a figment, doesn’t help with that!


Well I have neither buddies nor followers. Phew.



Hi, Tina, in the past I have made buddies with a few and we have actually met up in the flesh…so putting private details on an open forum, like tel no. address etc might not be favoured by some.

It is also an opportunity to talk about stuff we may not want everyone to read.I think it is a good idea…but maybe not everyone sees it the way I do…as usual…each to his/her own, innit?

luv Pollx

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I can only assume I saw some sort of cached copy of something that used to be there, but has now been overwritten.

Either that, or I really am going to have to tell my neuro I’m seeing things.


me again…been flitting about looking at the buddy facility and I think it has gone…there is a facility for blocking someone…so I dunno what`s what!


Hi Poll,

I still don’t get it. I don’t mean PMs. You can PM anyone you like - they don’t have to be a buddy first.

A few people here have my private email, but I didn’t have to name them as a buddy, before I was able to send it to them confidentially.

No problem at all with private messaging - I do it all the time (well, not ALL the time, but y’know…)

I just don’t see what it’s got to do with buddies.



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I think you have always been able to block.

It means you can stop abusive or unwanted PMs from a particular user.

I think I’ve only ever had to use it once - for a particularly aggressive salesperson, who was subsequently banned.

I’ve never blocked anyone just for sending me a message I didn’t particularly like or agree with. Only when it was at a level that would reasonably constitute harassment.


I also have blocked someone…a member here who got particularly nasty for no good reason with me.

I do think being a buddy is better than sending ms, as it has helped build a new relationship for me and a buddy.

Enough said on the subject I reckon…no big deal, is it really?



me again.

i had a buddy way back and used to chat loads (which we still do through private messaging).

tina, you’re right again as i’ve just accepted that the buddy system does nothing that a private message doesn’t do.

ah well it kept me (and a few others) off the streets!

carole x

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I’ve got an “anonymous not verified” buddy!

No idea how it got there or obviously who itb is either!!

Sarah x