Removing someone from Buddies?

I have been trying to move someone from my Buddies list, but every time I try it says I’m not allowed. Does anyone know what to do ? Thanks. Ps going Anon for various reasons,

Hi Anon,I just tried removing a Buddy who hasn’t been on here for 15 months and it came up as a 403 error.Best you speak to the computer peeps on monday


Thank you will do. Have a nice weekend , whats left of it .

i have the same problem, i got in touch with someone and they said they would look into it,thwy never got back to me,so i still have the same problem.

You can’t at the moment. I started a buddy list then realised it serves no purpose but for other board users to nosy who you get on with so tried to delete & couldn’t. Contacted the webteam but unfortunately it’s unresolvable at present :frowning:

Completely agree with Anu. Can’t see what purpose it serves, other than a playground-like culture, where you can announce to the world that you’re “special friends” with X, but not with Y.

I’m glad I didn’t start one, as I couldn’t see what it would let me do that I couldn’t already (don’t need to “buddy” someone for them to be able to message you, and vice versa). I don’t want to make a public statement of who’s “in” - and, by implication, who’s “out”. Not being on my list wouldn’t mean I hated someone, anyway. I’m just far too disorganised to keep updating it with everyone I “like”.

Now I know you can’t undo it once done, I’m even gladder I didn’t start.


The worst of it is, people don’t need your permission to add you to their buddy list…even on FB you need someone’s permission to add them as a friend.

I think the one advantage is that you can PM a buddy without having to find one of their posts.

On the old site you needed someone’s permission to make a buddy.

Pat x

Looks like the management doesn’t want us hurting each others’ feelings with, “I didn’t want to be your friend, and now I can’t even dump you”… How very comfy feely,even if somebody’s Human Rights are probably being infringed,'cos their Cyber-space is being invaded.My other buddy never gets in touch so I’m gutted.

Billy no mates,

Wb x

me too Pat.