buddy etiquette and the point of having buddies?


i hope you're all doing as well as you can be.


im a bit confused and wondering if there is a point to having buddies on here, besides the obvious support one of course.

you cant see that they're online or they you.

you cant see any more post or info about them than if they weren't buddies.


what about buddy etiquette?

do you need to ask someone if you can buddy them or just click the buddy button, i know i'd be happy if people just buddied me without asking but would others maybe take offence?


im getting on well with this new site but i really, really miss the option to look at other peoples history because you can gain so much support just by knowing that there are people just like you, it was kind of that light bulbscaredmoment that constantly told you that you're definitely not going mad and there are loads of other people like you who have suffered for a long time with many weird and wonderful symptoms and also. when someone asks a question you could look back and see if there was any relation to their question in their history which im sure must help people to give better answers.

ive tried to put my history in a lot of detail but it only allows you so many characters.

oh, its all too much for me, im off for a cuppa!


best wishes

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Completely agree!

Karen x

Me too!


Jaycie x 

I agree too!



Hi mandy, I like the buddy system. Yes, we can still post and read everyone`s messages, but we can aslo write pms to each other, if we want to discuss things more privately, or if we think the general board might be a bit fed up of a particular topic.

We can get more indepth about personal matters too, which we might not want to put on the open boards.

And finally, i really feel a special friendship with buddies. Some become daily chats about this and that and it`s nice to see if you`ve got a pm from a buddy.

make any sense?


Oh about the etiquette......I click on buddies and then let the person know and ask if it`s ok. never had a refusal............yet!!!!!!!!!LOL!

Shall I add you to my buddy list then?

luv Pollx

hi poll thumbsup

yes lets be buddies happy2


but maybe i didnt explain very well what i meant.

yes you can do all the messaging privately but you can do that even if they're not your buddy list.


on the old site you could see that there were buddies online, on this one you cant.

i dont mean that they aren't needed, they are absolutely essential but what im trying to say is apart from being friends what use is the buddy button ???

its maybe just a token gesture ?

i know what i mean but never been very good at getting it out!!confused

lots of love

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxx