buddies and what this site means to me

Hiya gang!

I am a very happy bunny today. Why? Cos I received a package in the post from a buddy in USA. Its Sheriz…some of you already know her. i cant remember quite how, but we began buddying` each other some time ago.

Now we e-mail almost every day, sometimes a few times a day! She has sent me photos of herself and family and it has brought her even more to life in a lovely way for me.

Since joining this site about 3 years ago, I`ve made many buddies and also met a few. this means so much to me and you are all my second family.

I`ve met up with Candystripe (Cindy), theorising (Mary), yawn (Bren), Bradfordsteph (Steph) greenhouse (Jean), and I have plans in the offing to meet some more folk.

Even though I may not actually have MS (but I bet it does turn out to be that in the end, when I see the top chap in Leeds) I look forward to more friendship, support and sharing the good, as well as the bad times with everyone.

luv Polly xxxxxx

Hi Poll,

We love you dearly, your life, your love, despair, your caring towards others, its so good to share and what would we do without you.

We do over time make very good friends, have extended family and for those alone, hopefully they feel part of a very lovely group of msers who hold their hand in care love and support.

Yes I agree with you, its wonderful to meet up and see people in the flesh but also to speak with others who know exactly how we are feeling and share our lives. Without such we would perhaps be so isolated dealing with our diagnosis or other not knowing where to turn.

Bless all on here, new msers, old ones and those who really care about others, for it makes the world go round.

Hear hear Poll, bless ya,



Oh bren, you have brought tears to my eyes. Bless you too and look forward to our next get together with Mary.

luv Pollx

Off-topic AND nosey, but when are you seeing the Leeds bloke, Polldoll?




Off-topic AND nosey, but when are you seeing the Leeds bloke, Polldoll?



[/quoteHi T, well I have an appointment with MS nurse (what is the point of that when im told I dont have MS…chuffin` stupid neuro again) on 13th April…yeh, a Friday.

It will be at that point when I decide to ask to be referred to Dr Lily in Leeds…I most probably will take that option…but chuff knows when the appointment will be!

luv Pollx


Ah, sorry, I read too much into the “when” bit, and thought that must mean it was agreed, and you actually had a date.

Did you query WHY you have an appt. with the MS nurse, when the latest pronouncement was that you don’t have MS?

I think I probably must have asked this before, but I can’t remember what the answer was: isn’t it relatively straightforward to prove or eliminate HSP?

Is it the case it must be either HSP or MS, or are there other things they’re still considering?



Hi Poll,

You have been an inspiration to me, always upbeat and although I have no idea what you look like I have this picture in my head of you. From it I get this picture of a warm caring person who through all their own difficulties has time for others.

You said many kind words to me when I first came on this site for which I really appreciated.

So Poll thank you.

Janet x

Aw shucks, Janet! You make me well up.

So add this to your image of me…I am a well rounded figure with arms to cuddle anyone who needs it!

luv Pollxxx

Snap Polly, I have made a good friend in Aus, we write nearly everyday and exchange gifts and photos. There has to be some good things to come out of MS. Good to read you have made so many good friends too. I recently queued up in the post office with my crutches as buggy is too large, to send my friend her birthday present, I hope it gets to her before her birthday in April.

Take care

Wendy xxx


Hiya again. Yeh I can see why I gave the impression of already having an appointment in Leeds.

Well the last neuro said she was going to speak to the neuro who showed me and hubby the 3 blobs in my neck, which he thought could well be MS. Then she asked me to give her 3 months to see what she could come up with…Mmmm. ???

Not sure if it is easy to dx HSP. There isnt an actual test for MS, its a process of elimination. But there is genetic testing once HSP is strongly suspected. They have discovered many of the genes which cause HSP. Apparently there are 30 types of HSP…another chuffin` minefiled, eh?

luv Pollx

What a lovely post, see there is life after dx keep cheering us all up Polly xxx

You always cheer me up Poll because you are naturally so optimistic and I am rather a pessimist. You see the good in life and in people which is a wonderful attribute. You also make the most of this crappy disease that we have. You inspire me to be more positive. Please stay the same and don’t change, Love Teresa xx

Thanks Poll I’ll remember that nxt time I need a cuddle.

Janet x x