That's that then!

Good evening my friends!

Today marks an important point in my life!

I’ve been for my annual neuro appointment.

We discussed the negative result of my genetic test for HSP.

Doc said it is highly unlikely that I have it.

We touched on the chances of it being MS and no, it defo ain’t that!

She did a neuro exam, watch my finger, squeeze my hands, did pin pricking…all sharp down m right side and blunt down the left.

She asked me to lift my knees and feet and of course I said it’s been years since I could do that!

She asked if I would like the MRI and LP tests again. We discussed whether there’d be any point or possibility of a cure. Of course there isnt, so I said I didn’t want to use NHS money like that.

She asked if she could investigate my father’s health. I told her he was dead!!! I also explained that I wasn’t in touch with that side of the family, as my parents split 63 years ago!

So the conclusion was that I’d finally be discharged back to my GP…after going on 20 years.!!!

Eeeee, all these years on, eh? And I’ll probably never know why I was struck down by this uninvited gatecrasher in my life, when I was 45 and life was chuffin fantastic!

I think I’ll take a break from the forum and try to clear my head …huh! I can but try.

I’m gonna take a break from the forum for a while guys and wish you all the best for the future.

I’ll be in regular contact with my very dear buddy Suuuee, by email and phone.

So love to all.



Sorry you can not get any positive answers. Your wisdom and humour will be missed, I’d love to think that you might keep a weather eye on the forum.

Whichever way you go I for one can say that I have really benefited from your contributions. Fingers crossed we will hear from you soon.

All the best


Hello Poll,

It seems strange me sending my comiserations for you NOT being diagnosed with A. B. or C. but I feel your frustation. Let’s face it, there would be something very odd with a person being presented with a list of symptoms, but never given a name to/for it. MS is no barrell of laughs but I am lucky in having those two letters to hang my woes on. For that reason, please feel 100% assured that you are very much in my thoughts. I hope that you can get some respite while you are staying away from the forum for a while, but I for one will be missing you.

lots of love,


Take good care of yourself Poll, see you very soon xxxxx


Sue xx

Hugs, I can’t quite get my head around how it feels to have ‘nothing’ diognosis . All I can say is since my Dignoses your support has ment a lot. I have not really come to terms with what is happening to me, but, I have a ‘tag’ for it. But, what has really helped, is not that ms tag but the feeling of understanding and desire to try to help from this forum.

ok, so it sounds like you will never get answers, but … What is clear and indisputable is that you make a real difference to those (I believe). And for me defenitly who are struggling.

does it matter why ? If your body is being mean, does it matter why, or are we all in the same boat whatever the medical definition !

… Thank you

bye poll

till we meet again!

carole x

It must be dreadful being in permanent limbo. Having said that, it doesn’t matter to me (and probably others, too) what you’re suffering from. Your presence and special brand of lunacy on this forum have been helpful and inspiring. You will be missed. Please come back soon.

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You cant go Poll, i dont believe the doctors, look what happened to me 16 years before they finally had to admit it was MS and it wasnt down to mri and lumbur punctures but two very positive VEP tests oh yes and lesions on spine but the last VEP did the job. I was dismissed to start with because of my age.

You cant be ill like that and have no understanding of why, it makes no sense to me.

Did they ever look at Lymes for example the perfect mimic of MS?

You have been so supportive all the time I know you need to get your head around all this, but really your support in times of darkness have been what pulled me through. I have no faith in NHS not anymore to be honest.

Please have a break but don’t be permanent. xxxxxxxx

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Bye for now Poll, look after yourself and MrPoll too. I’ll miss you. Thank you for your help and advice.

Hope you’ll be back soon


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Gee, your kind replies have reduced me to tears.

Till the next time.



No crying dear, we still love you and will talk to you even though you have a condition with no name. Take care, catch you soon xx

Hi Polls,

It doesn’t matter to us what you have or don’t have you will always be Boudica to the hundreds of people that you have given so much of your time, empathy and down-right humanity in a cruel and unforgiving world. I’m not saying goodbye.

Until next time,


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Dear Pollywollydoodah (all day long!)

Don’t forget, that you may not have MS, but having ‘lived with it’ for 10 years, you know a hell of a lot more than most people about it.

And your warmth and empathy has given loads of people assistance when newly/un diagnosed, carers, on all the various boards; you’ve been a stalwart of this Forum for years.

So, when you say you’re ‘taking a break’, I don’t blame you, you’ve been having a tough time of it. But you will be missed and welcomed back whenever you decide to return.

Sue xx


Hi Poll

It makes no difference to anyone here what your illness is called, you are One of us, and always will be, so take a break, get your head round it, and when you feel up to it, please come back, your very informative posts are so helpful to so many, and will be greatly missed.

Love to you and Mr. p.

Pam x

Oh Poll,

You are the matriarch of this site giving advice, support and bring a bit of fun to the site.

I can’t imagine what you’re thinking after all these years. Want to send you a huge hug.

Have a break, take your time but please come and visit us now and then.

There will be a void without you.

Take care, keep well and keep smiling

Love Jen xx

Thanks everyone!

See, I’m still here, but quieter… that’s not a word my hubby would ever apply to me.

Ttfn xx


Of course, you can always lurk around the forums and chip in with your wise words or madness when we least expect it.

Poll, you’re still one of us and will continue to be!

Hope you’re still about now and then.

Sonia x

Good to see you’re still with us.