Genetic test

Just thought I’d better post it on here about the results of my genetic test.

It was looking for mutated genes to prove HSP.

Some of you will remember when i had PPMS…Then didn’t…Then had HSP…Then didn’t…Then did…

This really is what the neuros did to me!

And now, today HSP has been flung out as well!


Chuffin ell eh?

I’m a medical mystery!! Back to limboland after all these years!


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Oh Poll I am pleased for you but also sad that you still have no answer (((hugs)))

What happens now is it back to the neuro?

Being in limbo is awful, I fel for you, but also know that you will bounce back from this, stay strong girl.

Pam x

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Hi Polly, I’m with you …no proper diagnosis but getting worse, ive just been left with Fnd diagnosis …it makes me so frustrated when i have so many problems and yet when you read up on it it could be all in my head?? Ive reached the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what they call it…im stuck with it , its not getting better i’m just trying to live my life as best as i can…like they say you never know whats around the corner.

Iv’e just got my new wheelchair, its a Salsa mini 2 and me and Frazer are enjoying lots of adventures together.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Thank you each!

None of the neuros have ever made the slightest comment that my condition is all my head, thank heavens.

I’ve never thought that either.

No, I’ll battle on just like the rest of you have to.

But no more searching. Been there, done that and have had enough of searching.


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Hi Polls

Sounds really frustrating. I hope you soon find the answers that you are looking for.


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So sorry Poll, it must drive you up the wall?

Take Care,

love Nina x

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Seems like the doppler effect to me Poll. Is the cat in the box. It was yesterday & today it’s a prism.

Getting straight answers is impossible with medical problems, it’s a mission impossible.

Like a script from a kids cartoon. Anything is possible.

Take it easy & BOOM something will materialise.


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I`ve cogitated, mused and talked to folk about my non hsp thingy!

I`ve decided I want no more tests…not a driving test, not a spelling test, not a blood test.

I may however, have an eye test for new specs!


Hi Polly I completely understand. It doesn’t change anything does it. I feel as if I haven’t got the energy to chase things anymore at least for now so it better left as it is for me anyway. Take care Polly and don’t over think things that’s what my son Ben tells me. Love Michelle and Frazer xx