I lost my beloved husband yesterday morning at 5am, after falling ill on Friday which we was told by the GP in attending that he had a mild chest infection. he suffers from COPD, and before this day although he was ill on and off in the last few weeks had felt really good, and even we discussed finally moving to the IOW, and he went on tuesday for a few days to have a look around the area for best places, and met his son for an hour. He came home thursday full of it, and really enjoyed it although he was very tired.

He was ill sat and sunday, and on monday morning i found him slumped over my mobility arm by the toilet he was in so much pain he couldnt talk and i thought he had a stroke. I managed to get neighbour to help and stay with him whilst i waited for ambulance.

It turned out he had worse pneumonia laced with septicaemia and sepsis, and by 5am 3rd he passed away. I was with him all night watching him trying to breath and he was confused and didnt really know what was going on. I watched as his life drained away from him, and he fell asleep into the long sleep and left me forever. I cant believe how much pain this has caused me in my heart to loose someone so fast when you think all along it would be yourself having enduring a disease such as MS.

He was 71 years old nearly to have his birthday. Just like that gone. My MS is playing havoc and I dont know how i have got through the day and night. I really never for one moment thought i would loose my beloved partner as we were very close and been together for 25 years and planning a new life together for me, to see if the sea air would help my symptoms.

I write this to say, we may have MS but it keep an eye on your partners as they are human like us, and can easily fall prey to diseases out there. Remember arguments are futile, dont waste a moment on being angry with each other, love each other and hug each other, because you never know when they may just disappear from your lives for ever.

My heart aches so much, i still have MS but at least i had it with the support of my hubby, now i have it and will have to deal with it on my own.

I just cant believe, you can loose someone so fast it simply takes my breath away.


CC, I have no words that I can give to you to take this terrible thing away, I send all my thoughts & love sweetheart, I’m so, so sorry. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh CrazyCick, what a dreadful shock, I’m so sorry to read this. Sending love and hugs xx

Oh my goodness!

im so very sorry to hear you’ve lost your darling husband. Can’t say I know what you’re going through but it must be devastating.

tilly xx

What a terrible shock for you and your family - words fail me - so sorry to be reading this xx

Hi Crazy Chick,

You are not entirely on your own.

I know that it physically hurts and there are other people here who will understand and share the pain you feel now.

Your love shines through your writing and his spirit will go on living with you.

with love,


Sending hugs

OMG. I am so very very sorry. You must be so upset and shocked.

Like Anthony says we can feel your pain through your writing.

It sounds like you had a very happy life together and will have beautiful memories of your wonderful time together, Hoping and praying that you will meet again in the wonderful fields of heaven.

Be thinking of you Crazy Chick and we are always here for you whenever you need us.


Shazzie xxxx

I am so sorry.

Love Sam xx

Sincere condolances

So sad, sending hugs from here too x

Oh Crazychick

I am so sorry. What a terrible shock. I spend my life thankful for my lovely OH. I try to make sure he is as healthy as can be since he is my best friend as well as my husband.

Tears are welling up as I write this.

I can’t tell you how I hurt for you.

Sue xx

so very,very sorry,i lost my wonderful husband 21 yr ago,he was only 46,its so very hard to deal with i really feel for you.I had grief counselling which really helped me.


J x

Oh hun, how very very sad. Tears are welling up for you.

All the plans you were making for the IOW…and that`s where our silly endless thread plots to go…Isle of Wight.

Your loving partner had no idea his life was going to be cut short so suddenly.

My hubby of 45 years is my main carer and I sometimes think what would become of me without him…yeh, I have carers but they`re not the same…

the thought absolutely terrifies me…

and now, you are left to sort everything out…

sending you huge hugs and cuddles darlin.


Cc Thinking of you. Ellie x

Very sad I can’t imagine how hard it must be .Lv Katy

So very sorry to hear this Crazy Chick, sending my love. It puts everything into perspective when you hear awful news like this.

Thinking of you at this very sad time.

Iain xx

I am so sorry to hear of this, Crazy Chick. with warm wishes from Alison

Sorry to hear of the passing of your partner, may he rest in peace.

God bless…