loss of partner

Went to give my partner\carer his tablets of 27th April and he was dead in bed been dead a while we buried him today don`t know what me and my 2 daughters will do without him Raychelle

Oh Raychelle, you have a long road ahead, but you will surprise yourself at how well you will cope with things, and you will get there (it won't seem like that now, but you will) - my husband drank himself to death a little over 2 years ago, I found him.  I have an idea of what you are going through just now, although only you know exactly what is happening.  Try to take little steps, trying to look at too big a picture can be overwhelming, so little bits at a time is best.

Luisa x

Hello Raychelle, My heart hurts for you. As Luisa says - take little steps.

BIG WARM ((((((((HUGS )))))))) to you and your daughters

You poor thing, how your life must have changed in such a short time. Do look after yourself, as well as your daughters, and please add some more ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) to the others.


Lolli xx

Oh Raychelle, I'm so sorry, I do feel for you. The same happened here 14 months ago only it was my 20 year old son who found his father and had to call me home from work. Your life has changed in an instant.

Now, at the moment you have a lot of practicalities to deal with. And I expect, and hope, you have had plenty of support from friends and family. But you will be needing this support even more in the months ahead so let people help you. Your daughters will keep you going because you have to carry on for them but take all the time you need to grieve together.

You will survive Raychelle, really you will even if it doesn't feel like it at the moment. Take time to deal with things, and don't make any rushed decisions. There's a huge hole in your life now but you will cope, just take your time.

Please feel free to message me if I can help.

Thinking of you





I am very sorry Raychelle. I have no experience but wish you the best of luck for the difficult time ahead.


So sorry Raychelle; my heart goes out to you and your family.


So sorry Raychelle, i don't know how you feel, but my thoughts and prayers go out to you

Mo x

My heart goes out to you and your daughters,it really does, i lost my lovely husband, 17 years ago,when my little one was just  2 somehow i got the strength to get through, and you will too,

everyone thought i would go under with having MS, but it made me even stronger, i had to be for my 2 kids, i hope you get lots of support in the coming months,there  are support groups for youmg widows,maybe you could get some help does help to talk to others in the same position.


jaki  xx

I am very sorry, Raychelle, and wishing you well.



I feel very sorry for you all.Hopefully you can draw strength from friends and family.


My deepest sympathy,    Stephen

So so sorry

I'm so sorry for you and your girls, big hugs to you all,xxjo

I'm so sorry for you and you're girls, you all take care of each other, ((((((HUGS)))))), Jean x x x

I am so sorry for your loss. Wishing you all the best.

Teresa xx

So sorry and sending you bigs hugs for you and your daughters, they will give you the strength to go on.

sonia x

I am so sorry for your loss.

I don't know how old your children are but i lost my father when i was 7years old in a road accident.

It will bring you and your children closer together and you will draw on eachothers strength.

A little advice if your children are young - my mum tried to shield us from the grief and by doing so - made things worse.  Allow your children to talk about things - get everything out in the open and make sure they understand the reason for your partners death.

My mum did not speak of my fathers death as we grew up as i think it was her way of coping but her actions had a negative effect on me and my sister.  This was a long time ago as i am 40 now.

There is now councelling that children can have - just to talk to someone about their feelings.  They may not open up to you as will be scared to say certain things in fear of upsetting you. 

It is fine to show you are grieving in front of your children - it shows them it is ok and normal just to 'let it all out' then they will feel they can be open and let their feelings out also.

My heart goes out to you and your children

Best Wishes

Teresa. x

I am single by means of divorce and I know it's nowhere near the same thing, but divorce was something that happened to me rather than a conscious choice on my part. I didn't know how on earth I was going to cope, but I did. There are some things I cannot do (my home is nowhere near as well maintained) but on the whole I manage.


I was so determined to go it alone that I spurned the help of family and friends, I really regret that now and wish that I had taken up the offers because people stop making them after a couple of rejections.






Raychelle, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of you and your partner. I'm thinking about you and the girls.

Jacqui x

Oh Raychelle, i am so sorry you have had this happen. I really feel for you and hope you and your girls find strength in the love from others.

luv Pollx