Hi everyone, I haven’t been on here for a while as my husband was unwell and diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at end of April. I lost him on 9th June age 62.
I and all my family , 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren ages 18,14,13 and 12, are all devastated!
Just thought I’d come on here for support.obviously due to my ms he did loads at home for me. I miss his company! We were together for 45yrs.
Sorry if spellings are off but can’t see through the tears.
Also can’t navigate this new layout on forum.
Thanks for listening Kimx

Sorry to hear your devastating loss, it sounds truly awful. I wish you and your family all the best and only hope that things feel a bit better soon.

Oh Kim,
Sending you my sympathy. Tough time for you.
Hope your family live close and they can support you.
Look after yourself as your family need you too.

I’m sorry for your loss Kim. Sending virtual hugs. x


I am so sorry. Please keep posting on here so we can send hugs, if nothing else.

Sorry to hear of your loss @Kimmy58 it sounds like you’ve been having a tough time.

Sending all my positive thoughts your way. Keep talking to us & I’m sure there will always be someone here to chat with.

I can’t thank you all enough! It’s so nice to hear from others who are not family.
They are close to me thank goodness!
They have been very very supportive but sometimes when I’m by myself I feel like I’m drowning so it’s so nice to have you all there when I need.
Thank you all again luv kim xxx

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So sorry to hear your sad news, sending you love and hugs :heart:

Oh Kim

That’s awful. So fast too. Bloody cancer is awful. It takes too many truly good people.

My heart goes out to you and all your family. What a terrible loss to you all. So young too.

Sue xx

So very sorry for your loss, Kim.

Hi i lost my husband 3rd october 2017 it still feels like today or yesterday i can cope now with his loss but it was hard.

I wrote this just after his death, it might help you. Trying to deal with bereavement…and coping mechanisms………… – My Journey with MS

Talk about your husband to your family share funny moments with them, he wouldnt want you to be sad all the time. He is still with you all. In your heart and soul. When i feel particularly scared or alone, i close my eyes and wonder off to a happy place, perhaps to us two fishing and laughing, or being on holiday with his mum and my Mike being chased by a hornet on a bike in greece, so many wonderful memories that are all still with me.

I talk about him all the time to my daughters he was a big part of their lives too, and my grandsons my eldest particularly loved Mike as mike took him under his wing.

You have to grieve your WAY. If you want to be sad and cry for you loss do so. There is no magical formula for copiing with grief.

Having MS on top is hard. I had to decide do i carry on coping or do i go to my next chapter in life without him. I had my daughters, my animals, to care for.

so i decided my mike would not want me to just grieve, he would want me to carry on the best way i could, which is what i do. since i lost him i sold my house and moved twice into sheltered, i have met new people in my life but the old ones are still there who knew my mike, his family and friends who i still talk too.

Yes i miss his company all the time. I feel selfish as i have him in my sitting room in his box surrounded by his photos. I often think i should let him go and i have tried but i cant. not yet. I can see his photos and his twinkly blue eyes looking back at me, and i feel at peace.

He was an amazing man. Kind, loving never once got irritated with me, he had just cause, believe me.

the cliche’ it will GET BETTER WITH TIME is true, it gets bearable. But talk about him to your family … Remember when dad did this or that… and smile …

your family believe it or not NEED YOU as remember they too are grieving for the loss of their father and grandfather.

xxxxxxxxxxx big hugs… CC

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