My blog trying to deal with bereavement with MS

for those who may be following me or interested, another part of my blog.

I do cover stuff with MS in my blog, its been very helpful for me to move forward with my grief and its about my journey with MS too.


Hi I do know it’s hard loosing your rock and having ms .I am now in my 2nd year coming up to the 3rd anniversary.Its so hard when you are in pain and you need help and there is no one there how much you scream and shout.I give off to my husband because he is no longer her to help and when I am in pain if someone heard me they would think I am mad. Jenny

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Heartbreakingly honest and beautifully written. Never heard that song before but will hear it again. Thank you Xx

Oh CC. I began to read that and found myself being sucked into those emotions you describe so well. There’s a very large lump in my throat that’s hard to swallow. I am totally dependant on my husband now. My diagnosis was sudden almost three years ago, and progression very swift. I can no longer drive and use a wheelchair now. Having worked so hard and from such an early age, as most of our generation seems to have done, we returned to my homeland and bought a cottage down a lane with an acre of garden. My dream of idyllic rural living. It terrifies me to think about the future. Having read your words has made me reflect on the past week. Short tempers, frosty silent periods, silent resentment at real or imagined slights. How trivial it seems. I’m going to give him a hug when he comes back indoors. Thank you. I do hope you find some comfort and can throw yourself into your new house search. Xx

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Hi Crazy Chick,

Another beautiful but heartbreaking blog by a truly amazing and strong lady.

I’m glad that you’re finding comfort in writing your blogs and it’s helping you to move forward and I feel privileged that your sharing them.

Sending you big hugs.

Twinkle Toes xxx

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CC, I’m crying after reading this, there’s nothing I or anyone else can say to take your pain away, but you are a very strong & brave lady. An inspiration. Take care lovely thinking of you xx

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Hi CC i can so relate to your blog,i felt very angry with my late husband for quite some time.

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hi just a small blog to wile away a cold sunday. its all true by the way.

Your words have such courage and inspiration it is wonderful that they are helping you through.