Im very upset, ill lost my best friend of 40 years to cancer this morning. She had been fighting it for for a  year,but today it beat her.I got the call at 10am this morning,and i cannot cry.I really want to,i keep on getting the tears in my eyes,but nothing comes out of it.She went into the hospice last tuesday, for them to sort out her pain relief.Apparently they were brilliant to her,but this morning she collapsed and died. Her 2 kids and her partner are devestated,as i am.Life is so unfair she was only 48.

Im sorry for writing this,but needed to get it off my chest.(had to many whiskeys at lunchtime)


Oh Kim,


Im so very sorry youve lost your friend in such a cruel devastating way, so suddenly without reason.


Im sending you loads of (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), its a shock, raw, expected, yet unexpected.  Youll be all over the place, as will her nearest and dearest.  To be cut short in life at such a young age, is dreadful.


Think of her often, know shes in a better place, at peace and no longer in pain.  It will take time to digest, her family will need such a lot of support as you will.  People enter our lives and we want them to stay with us forever. Alas we are all vulnerable in the end.


Know your friend will always be with you and you with her.  Think of all the good times you shared and her memory will never ever die, she existed and therefore a very important person youll all miss.  Her life was not for nothing!!


Take care my luv,



Hello Kim,

So sorry to hear of you have lost your best friend of 40 years. It is an awful thing to have happened even though you knew it would happen. You will have so many memories to remind you of her when you are feeling down. At the moment you are still in shock and maybe that's why the tears won't come, but they will and then you can start to grieve for a lost loved one. Sending you ((((((HUGS)))))



thanks x

Oh that's awful news. Big hugs to you butterfly