Im very upset, ill lost my best friend of 40 years to cancer this morning. She had been fighting it for for a  year,but today it beat her.I got the call at 10am this morning,and i cannot cry.I really want to,i keep on getting the tears in my eyes,but nothing comes out of it.She went into the hospice last tuesday, for them to sort out her pain relief.Apparently they were brilliant to her,but this morning she collapsed and died. Her 2 kids and her partner are devestated,as i am.Life is so unfair she was only 48.

Im sorry for writing this,but needed to get it off my chest.(had to many whiskeys at lunchtime)


Hi Kim, so sorry to hear your news, I am sure the tears will come. Life is so unfair, sending hugs. Karen x

Hi Kim

I am so desperately sorry about the death of your beloved friend. As Karen says, it is so unfair. I hope you can cry soon - it will help a little.

Thinking of you and her,

Teresa xx

I am so sorry to hear this news :( I think that when you can't cry its because you are in shock and I find it is harder to cry for the ones you love the most at first, but the tears will come. I just hope you will be okay when they do (hugs) x Very sorry.

(((((hugs))))) for you and for her family. So bloody cruel to go so young letdown

Karen x

So sorry to hear your news. It takes a while for the tears to come... and they will come. At the moment you are still in shock. 

Take care,

Pat x

Hello Kim,

                 I'm so sorry to read of your terrible news. Your tears will come in their own good time and they will help you feel so much the better. It took quite some days after my ex fiance died, but then I felt so much better when they started to flow. You will miss your friend for some time of course, but all of the memories you have of being together will give you comfort.

                  Best Wishes,


Hi Kim

his is very sad news and life is so unfair.  Thinking of you. Love and ((((((((((BIG WARM HUGS)))))))) to you and her family. Mary xxx

Morning, I'm really sorry to hear this, so bloody unfair, so young, I lost my own mum, I was 8 at the time, my mum was only 45, I'm 53 now and I still miss her, my thoughts go out to her family, and to you, take good care, Jean x