Saddest Day Of My Life

Today I buried my best and oldest friend, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in January and lasted four months. He went through Radio therapy but refused chemo. I watched him dwindle away from sixteen stone to six stone in less than four months. I have asked myself why so many times with no answer , he was the kindest gentlest man you could ever meet, worked hard all his life helping people, but yet died young. Sorry for the rant but needed to write this down, and does it make me feel better? No not really , I just feel so empty. Take care Love Margaret

Can’t say anything to fill your emptiness tonight but I can send huge hugs, warmest thoughts and care. Xx

I am so sorry to read this, Margaret.

Your friend sounds like a very special person, who made the world a much better place.

Take care

Anne x

I am so sorry for your loss Margaret. Your friend sounds so lovely - the course our lives take often makes no sense at all. I hope you have lots of lovely memories of him that you can re-visit. Teresa xx

Condolences and hold those memories close…when your down think of him and the fun and how he would want you to remember him. Memories are so important … Thinking of you. Big hugs ((((((((())))))))) x

So sorry for your loss Margaret x thinking of you xx

Hi Margaret. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that all the good memories you shared will bring you some comfort in the years ahead.



I’m so sorry Margaret.

Sam xx

So sad and sorry to hear your news. I too had to attend the funeral of one of my oldest and dearest friends on Monday. He was 46 and lost his battle with bowel and lung cancer. It is such a cruel disease to take away such kind and dear friends. There is now a gaping hole in all our lives but I am sure your memories of happier times will live on with you, as they will with me. Sending a big hug. Mish x

God Bless x

I’m so sorry Margaret, cancer is a dreadful illness.

Perhaps you could do something in memory of your friend, plant a rosebush, sponsor a child through a charity etc?

Look after yourself, treat yourself kindly, listen to music, read books, have long hot scented bubbles baths, allow yourself to cry.

CRUSE is an excellent resource for people who are bereaved -

Thinking of you