A Sad day

Had an emotionally and physically tiring day yesterday attending the funeral of a friend. She died suddenly at the age of 57. It was a lovely service with her family reading poems and singing a favourite song. It was standing room only and what came across was that even though she had her own health problems she lived a full life. Apart from reminding me of my own mortality it has given me a ‘gee up’ not to give in myself. Even though everything is such an effort and it would be so much easier just to sit in my comfy armchair, I will try very hard to do the same as my friend.


Funerals of young people are so sad - mainly because they are leaving behind so many friends and family. The very elderly have usually had ‘a good innings’ and also outlived most of their friends and there is never so many people to attend the funeral.

My father died suddenly, and was only 66. He had been a very active person - never been ill - until he had a aneurysm - burst aorta. That was 29 yrs ago. His funeral was packed - people had to stand outside. Now my mum is still alive and nearly 92. Most of her friends have ‘gone’. She does have an older brother still alive. She has requested that her body be left to medical science - she does not want a funeral. We buy her flowers and plants all the time - as she can appreciate them whilst alive and not wasted on a funeral.

The only comfort l have about my dear dad, is that at least he has not suffered all the indignities of getting very old, and the possibility of not being able to look after himself ,and perhaps having to be in a nursing home.

Remember your friend as she used to be - and take comfort in all the good memories you have of her.


Hi Seabird.

sorry to hear about your friend,it does make us stop and think when something like this happens doesnt it ?

think of the good times you had.

J x


Seabird, this is both thought provoking and energising.

If I’m thinking of the more comfortable option of staying in on my sofa, I will think of this and other posts, get onto my tramper and go out. My mother was taken from us; firstly by dementia 12 years ago. It was far too early for such an active, patient caring person.

Thank you for the inspiration.



We never know when but cease the day as best we can M


That is so sad , it makes you appreciate your own life… a good friend of ours died of cancer in October, she was only young about 55… her daughter had been a bridesmaid at Rochelle my daughters wedding, i always feel so sad for her husband and his two girls they are such a lovely family and he’s done so well coping on his own. It makes me realise how fortunate i am and to try to value the ones i love but also to never give up… my friend was so strong and worked right up until the last few weeks before she died.

Michelle x