Sad post

I had a phone call

A sad post Don but also very true. Thanks for posting… and have a good day. Pat xx

Hi Don, Sad but very true. I tell my family to live their life to the full because you never know what’s round the corner. Take care, Mags x

Sad, but true.

Pam x

Yes indeed. Sorry to hear it , Don, but your philosophy is absolutely right. Some time ago I did a song called ‘Mayfly’ which was largely instrumental but had a short sung section: Here for one day in the sunshine in May Nothing to do but dance Hours pass by, but like the mayfly- This is your only chance. Well, some of us can’t actually dance (hand jive, maybe) but we can still try to make the most of our time. Kev x

Hi, sad to hear your news Don. We had similar news yesterday. A friend was due to go on holiday in March - he felt a bit unwell and went to Doctor and was rushed to hospital with an aneurism. Doctor said he would have diedifhe had flown. Anyway after tests etc he was admitted to -Addenbrooks with cancer in the liver, lungs and pancreas. We heard he died yesterday morning of a heart attack. He seemed well, healthy and active before so it reinforces the fact that you should enjoy every minute you can. This was quite difficult for myself and my fiancé - I lost my husband 3 years ago with a sudden, unexpected heart attack and my fiancé lost his wife to lung cancer 6 months later, 14 days after being diagnosed. We just met 9 months ago and now after a difficult time, we are very glad we met (another story) and are making the most out of every day. I am very lucky that he helps me with walking and balance and laughs when I say ‘I will JUST have to have a minute’ as fatigue takes over. So you see this friends death combining cancer, heart attack and quickness hit us very hard - and as my fiancé says this is not a dress rehearsal. Life is for living and enjoying the best way we can even if it does seem a struggle. Take care everyone and try to stay positive whatever life throws at you. Jackie xx

I agree, it is true. I’m sure none of us expected to get ms, I certainly didn’t. But life is for living no matter how much or how little we do each day, let’s enjoy it.

Cath xx

smile and the whole world wonders why ??? cry and they all cry with you!

Life is to short to let the bad stuff win

So sad Don, I lost a friend to a brain tumour within a couple of weeks of my diagnosis and in a funny way it did help me cope as I knew I could carry on… It was so sudden with David, so it was a shock too. Makes you thankful for the small stuff

Sonia x