Adrift in the Atlantic without a rudder

Who would have thought this electorate could be so stupid? What is the UK but an union of countries which would not have thrived so well individually? It’s psychopathic not to learn even from our own history.

I see that Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain and will now be pushing for another independence referendum. Inevitably, they will leave the UK and join the EU and the Euro, leaving England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be cast adrift in the Atlantic without a paddle. That’s progress. Gaps in Hadrian’s Wall will be filled and refortified to stop the exodus from England.

The best we can hope for is to stay in the European Economic Area like Norway but we would probably have to accept free movement from EU countries, which the Brexiteers would think might defeat the object of winning. Who knows.

I drink Redbush tea regularly as one of its supposed benefits is benign dreams; if this is still a dream I shall be asking for a rebate as this has clearly failed, if not then I am living a nightmare.

The good news…at least politics will be interesting over the next few months.


OMG… Just realised I am one of the STUPID ELECTORATE !!

Never mind.


I want to move to Scotland.



Just shows you these polls they take aren’t worth taking any notice of , I don’t know how I feel about it good and bad with both options ,it will be sad if Scotland leaves but good that Cameron will be going.


So Scotland leaves. Next thing is that Ireland unites (most on the North voted to stay).
There is no Great Britain.
There is no United Kingdom.
There will just be England and Wales left.

And if the Japanese motor industry pulls out because it no longer has an EU base, it will me Goodbye Toyota, Goodbye Nissan, Goodbye Honda. Followed by desolation in The North-East, Derbyshire, and Wiltshire.

And, to answer Alun’s question:
Think of the most average person you know - and reflect that half the population are worst than that.



Hi folks,

I’m Scottish and live north of the border. But, the last independence referendum in Scotland found me firmly on the NO side. My family are spread all over the UK (for how long?), Europe, Far East and USA and are all of Scottish parents. What happens to our British identity I ask? And, sports men and women, those UK citizens living abroad, etc but their home bases and near families are here? My uncles all fought for Britain and her allies during WW11. They brought in the NHS (I know it’s not perfect), positive changes to education and the armed forces, etc, etc. There have been no major wars in Europe since.

Sorry for this wee rant but I just had to speak out about this major, major change to the face of the UK. I’m choking back tears as I can’t see our future!

The rolling stone is gathering speed to an unknown future. What will happen to our NHS and voluntary orgs such as the MS Society supports services, including benefits, for MS and many, many similar conditions? In our family we have four bods with Asbergers syndrome and two with MS. All are really concerned about our futures. What changes will we have to deal with?

Brexit has a lot to answer for. They have no clear strategies that I can see.

Thanks for listening. I know not everyone will agree with me. But, we can have our say, can’t we?



And the places that will (probably) suffer the most from job cuts and multinationals moving out of the U.K. are the same people who voted ‘Leave’!!

But at least the vote might spell the end of UKIP, after all, they only existed to take Britain out of the EU! But I’m sure they’ll find some other racist, bigoted cause to champion, after all, they now have a mandate from England and Wales.


I look back to the time of the coalition as if they were halcyon days, before the dark days of the 2015 election and Cameron’s ridiculous panic-stricken promise of a referendum to shore up his votes. Even the coalition showed us that we are always better off with consensus, however flawed, rather than with polarised politics, but we failed also to learn from that.

The Irish referendum result certainly strengthens the argument for unification, and may become a realistic proposition, as Geoff states.

Cameron, at least is a statesmanlike PM even though he is a Tory, and he must be rueing his referendum decision. His resignation, although inevitable, will add another element to this debacle. The next three months will be spent squabbling over another election, which I shall be spared, thank God, being a member of the Green party.

With the prospect of the Tory leadership contest, economic decline, dealing with Europe as the naughty boy standing in the corner wearing the dunce’s hat, then the invocation of Article 50, I plan to build an Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden and emerge after 2020.

See you then.


Having heard Boris Johnson’s speech, (talk about climb down) he was trying to say that the xenophobic rhetoric was behind him. Gove and Johnson looked like they were as shocked as Cameron at the outcome.

From what I heard today in about 10 years time things could improve but in the short term who knows? I fear for our economy, the people who voted Brexit were mainly OAPs who are ok thank you very much.


I’m also Scottish and feeling very uneasy at the moment. Voted no at the last referendum but I think it will be yes next time.

Mags xx

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Oh dear!

Is this the return of pounds, shillings & pence. Oh and something called a … farthing?


P.S. Only kidding…


I totally agree Alun make me a cup of tea would you? Join in you in yr Anderson shelter The oaps who voted for this will rue the day. They aren’t safe. Their pensions and savings are tied up with the stock market. The pound is plummeting. They will lose out. I feel sorry for those oaps who wanted to remain. A very sad day for England and Europe. I for once can’t say much more. I have been in tears today. Yes. You who voted leave have done a very stupid, short sighted thing. I am so disappointed. Anne


Yes we voted to leave (me included) but the UK will NOT leave the EU.

Other countries - Holland , Italy etc will consider leaving – the EU hierarchy will re constitutionalise ( is that the right word?) the EU which will revert to being for trade agreements only.

The ‘new’ EU will not legislate on Migration nor will it interfere in each country’s judicial system etc.

The UK will accept this and remain.

With declining oil deposits and the prospect of having to adopt the Euro the Scots will think very carefully about leaving.

So everything will change but everything will remain the same … and Teresa May will be PM

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Well the current pound is probably worth less than a farthing was when in use.


Dream on - you voted out, in a couple of years we will be out and then I refer you to my post on’vote in/out?


An interesting speculation …

However, there are already moves afoot in both France and Germany to call for referenda on leaving.

I do think Teresa May is probably going to replace Cameron - after all who wants Boris in No 10 (except Boris of course).

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Yes, it’s a very interesting speculation, however, the British people were asked a single question to which they had the options, leave or remain.

You can’t expect a third option, that of remaining but with an altered EU, will be acceptable to anyone. After all, that was not an option on the ballot papers.

Are you proposing a further referendum? Is that even possible? Or probable?

Or have I completely lost the plot through all the queries, questions and speculations?

Plus, wasn’t ‘No one wants Boris as Mayor of London, except Boris!’ said once before?



Greece is being baled out for the third? time later this year. With the absence of th UK there will inevitably be a greater financial burden on the remaining EU members. The EU is not going to be a happy place!

If other countries - Sweden France leave the EU the Union will gradually become less relevant.

The EU Commissioners can either let this happen or they can change the constitution returning many powers to individual member countries.

If that happens I think the people of the UK may well be happy to remain as long as they have 100% control over legal matters, immigration and their own currency but would continue to have economic/trade agreements with the EU

Leaving an institution that we have been inexorably entwined for 40 years is going to be horrendously difficult/impossible?

And listen to the Leave politicians - is there a sense that they are now backtracking a bit?


No. And if you listen to the leaders of the EU, they want Britain out asap. I don’t understand why you are suggesting we won’t be out when you just voted for us to leave. Don’t you want us to leave? If you didn’t want us to, you shouldn’t have voted for it.

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Anne, the tea is brewing as I write. Traditional Yorkshire tea though, none of that foreign muck.

Although the EU income will decrease with the UK withdrawal, I do not think that Germany and France will allow the whole European experiment to fail. Britain has always been a reluctant member and not prepared to engage fully in the club. The Thatcher rebate has soured relations since the 1980s. UK withdrawal may well stimulate reform to make the EU more democratically accountable and, ironically, probably end up being an organisation Britain may well regret not being a part of; that, of course, is no longer an option.

Mr Juncker wants no delay in the triggering of Article 50 and the consensus suggests that negotiations will not be easy. If UK is to negotiate an arrangement similar to Norway the conditions may be onerous, such as joining Schengen, for instance. I do not envy David Cameron when he faces European leaders next Tuesday; he is already excluded from the meeting on Wednesday of the other 27 leaders.

With immigration so high on the Brexit agenda, how will the Outers feel at the end of the two year period when they end up having to accept free movement in order to join the European Economic Area? I look forward to Mr Johnson’s explanation.

I could expand but I will leave you with this thought. In five years time Scotland may be at the top European table and England/Wales/NI (whatever that will be called once Scotland leaves) will be left picking at the crumbs on the floor.

Back to the Anderson shelter before the tea gets cold.