Oh the vote

To any Scots out there, please vote no, I don’t want to live in a Tory dictatorship.



Don’t worry, Dave is going up there tomorrow to beg forgiveness, so they might want to keep him.



this WAS the one place i COULD escape from yes/no!


Hi David,

i beleive David Cameron, Ed Milliband & Nick Clegg are all descending on us tomorrow. Will they never learn?

Salmond will be laughing all the way to the yes vote.

Mags xx

I did hear that the Yes Camaign would be paying their travel expenses.

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Just offered to, if they went by coach, I think. It doesn’t feel as if the Westminster politicians can win - damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

When I suggested independence for the Midlands (tired of so many of our taxes being spent in London and Scotland actually), one of my friends suggested we would all have more control if we had a federal system as they do in Germany. So maybe we could start campaigning for that, whatever the Scots vote.

As someone who was born in the historic centre of England - Meriden - I would happily vote for independence for the Midlands!

One problem with devolving more and more powers locally is that it can become a nightmare to move into another area because of wildly differing medical regimes and priorities. OH had a wonderful medical network in place where we live and would not contemplate moving out of our local area as other areas seem to be woefully lacking in support for his condition, I am sure it is similar with MS and no doubt will find that out in due course.


Nationalism is dangerous, if you ask me - Nationalist Socialists ie Nazi’s…UK all the way…


Sorry if this offends anyone but I really don’t give a damn which way the vote goes.

Just hope if/when things go to pot the Scottish leaders don’t ask to be bailed out.

Take care and hope the ones who do vote get what they want.


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I’m not very well up on politics, how does a yes vote mean a Tory dictatorship?

It wouldn’t, but forty less Labour MP’s in Scotland make the prospect of Tory Governments much more likely, which is scary enough.

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I’m Scottish and will be voting Yes, but any people fearing Tory dictatorships are welcome to come along too!

Lot of misinformation going around. Scotland is a net contributor to the UK so the myth that we are kept afloat by the rest of the UK is wrong. What we are looking for is the opportunity to manage our own lives, not sit and wait for our pocket money from Westminster. One of the big things being discussed up here is NHS privatisation. Our block grant is, in part, based on Westminster spending on the NHS. The up coming Transatlantic Treaty has opened the NHS up to US venture capitalists. This, in turn, reduces the UK spend on the NHS which then means Scotland has less to spend on our NHS which we certainly don’t want to see privatised. France has exempted their NHS from this Treaty but the Westminster government refused to do so, stating that they believe it should be opened to “the market”. What that means is that about half the hospitals will be run by financial institutions for a profit. Yes, your treatment may still be free, but only that treatment which is not a money loser. What you will end up with is a two tier health system, similar to the States. We want to avoid that scenario, along with many others. One thing I would ask everyone. If, as is constantly claimed, Scotland is a financial drain on the UK, why is there this overwhelming scrabble to keep us? I, as the majority of people up here, take the assertion that we are a “kept nation” as a bit of an insult. The last time we were trying this the word from Westminster was that Scotland did not have the resources to survive on it’s own. Recently released government papers from that time show that we were lied to and the feeling is that it is happening again. As for us asking to rejoin rUK, done lose any sleep over it, there is as much chance of that happening as “Call me Dave” moving his lips and the truth coming out of them.


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I couldn’t agree more David.

Wendy x

What does Gary think about what the idea that you’ll share a currency with the UK but have no control over policies which affect that currency? Is that better, in your view, than the position you are in now? If so, why?

Alex Salmond is very keen on still using the pound but it seems to me to be a bad thing for an independant Scotland. But I want to hear what you think.

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In ny case if an independent Scotland wanted to join the EU, wouldn’t they have to adopt the Euro as their currency??

Good luck there, then!

If there is a currency union, which I think there will be it will be transitional. It is in the interest of both Scotland and rUK that there is a union. The only thing controlled from the BofE would be interest rates and capital. If rUK say no then there will be a run on the pound as there is at the moment. Mind you that is largely due to short selling of currency. Has happened before. Many countries have had transitional arrangements re currency on separation. Much like a marriage I suppose only less of a war. If there is no currency union it is bad news for both sides. rUK will have lost 15% of their financial assets in addition to 85% of their mineral assets which means they are less of a good bet in the money markets. In other words your costs will rise. I don’t believe Cameron and Osborne will let that happen. Mind you they did promise there would be no top down reorganisation of the NHS. It is in everyone’s interest to have the currency union to allow long term separation to evolve. During this time Scitland will, I imagine, take a different route as regards priorities. We still believe in collective responsibility. We never bought into the Maggie “there is no such thing as society” doctrine and it has shown over the last couple of decades. We currently have two pandas and one Conservative MP in Scotland. The Tory brand is still toxic here and “call me Dave” and his cohorts are despised the length and breadth of the country. Thing is I am not sure we will get the numbers needed for a yes vote. Project fear has been in full swing up here and it is working with a lot of people. I would not be surprised if some of them expect to wake up on the 19th with death watch beetle if there is a yes vote. The thing for everyone to consider, in the event of a no vote, is how are they going to get the sh*t back in the horse? I don’t believe those in favour of independence will let this go. Either way the UK will never be the same again.


p.s. We only want the opportunity to make decisions for ourselves on the things that matter to us. I believe those thinga are different to the priorities of the Westminster elite.

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Anon, I can see your point of view on that. I realise it will affect your lives too. I just don’t know how realistic it is to have the rest of the UK having a say in what happens next. In the event of a yes vote I think Scotland will leave and it will be a case of a damage limitation?

I am voting yes because I want to go to the polling station and vote for a party that will actually end out in power. I never vote Tory, nor do the vast majority of Scots, but we end out with Tory government and policies. Things like the bedroom tax come up in parliament and Scottish MPs vote against it but we get it anyway. I think we have different values and interests to the Tories and thus a lot of England and so with independence we would have a much more accurate reflection of what the people want. And that’s the whole point of democracy, right?

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Re Westminster bulldozing ahead with plans without consulting the public, that is my whole point. We have different priorities but are largely left with decisions made by a select elite. At least we have the chance to do something about it although, as I said previously, project fear is winning hearts and minds up here so I would be surprised if we achieve our aims. Too many people want guarantees but forget that neither side can give these. As for what happens in rUK that is down to the electorate in England, Wales and N.I. Hopefully they will see it is possible to take these toss*rs on and effect change. As I said though I believe I will waken up on the 19th both disappointed and embarrassed that so many of my fellow Scots have bottled it in favour of baubles dispensed from “calle me Dave” and co.


Hi All,

I feel for all the workers who will/are effeted with the uncertain future of their jobs.

ie - Faselane (spelling ?) , Banking , Goverment Tax Ofice , etc…

Will it be Scottish workers for british jobs ?

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